2015 March, Spreading Kindness to Contribute in Reducing Violence, Dr. Emdad Khan, emdadkhan@sympatico.ca


Spreading Kindness to Contribute in Reducing Violence,
Dr. Emdad Khan, emdadkhan@sympatico.ca

 Happiness, peace and kindness begin with each one of us. We will be able give these qualities to others when we are able to taste those within ourselves. We will be able to experience inner peace when we reconcile with our past grievances by seeking forgiveness and forgiving others.

Let us take the two examples of two mistakes; Satan not obeying God to bow down to Adam and Adam & Hawa making a mistake of eating the fruit of a forbidden tree. When asked, Satan showed arrogance by saying he was made from fire and Adam was made from earth. On the other hand, Adam and Hawa repent by stating, our Lord, we are the wrong doers, if you do not forgive us or don not have mercy on us, we will be certainly the losers.

We are able to enjoy inner peace and happiness, then we will be able to offer the gift of peace, happiness and kindness to others around us, family members, relatives, neighbors, coworkers and community members.

Sometimes, we think if we are peaceful or kind or happy we are weak. Actually only courageous persons can respond calmly when provoked by a family member or a co-worker or a neighbor.

It is up to us to be controlled by fear or anger on one side and love, hope or calmness on the other side. The kids, youths, adults, and seniors in our life are learning from us by watching us every day.

When an event happens it is only ten percent, how we react or handle the event it is the remaining ninety percent. If we are angry, if we make an outburst, it is up to us, but instead if we take a deep breath and respond coolly or wait to get the situation cool down and respond politely, we are not weak but assertive in a positive manner. We influence people around us to be also happy, kind and peaceful. We become great contributor to the peaceful environment in our family, neighborhood and community.

If we feel worried or frustrated or do not have peace of mind, it means we need to look inwards to ourselves. We need to forgive or reconcile with our past, change our present pattern of day to day life and it may also require s to mend our relationship with a family member or a friend or a relative or a co-worker.

Let us be advocate and speak out to quell the violence around us which hurts our feeling. Let us speak out and be active in our family, neighborhood and community to form arbitration committee to peacefully resolve disputes.  Form  a neighborhood watch committee to be vigilant against crime and violence.

Do Kindness and Spread kindness to counter violence:
To counter violence, we can do daily small acts of kindness and it will make another person’s day a bit easy, we will see smile in his/her face.  If every day, we do a small act of kindness, it will inspire others to do the same. By doing so we will spread kindness in place of violence.

Our faith teaches even smiling is a charity. If we smile to others, in turn the other person will also smile to us, so we will be spreading peace in place of violence.

Picture -1:  Kindness in Conflict, Ukrainian girl giving sandwiches to protesters
Source, http://images.huffingtonpost.com/2014-10-20-222-thumb.jpg

Our faith states, God loves the good – doers; those who donates in charity in ease and in hardship, those who control their anger and are forgiving towards mankind.

We can do small kindness in our family, school, work place, neighborhood and the community.

  • Give a phone call or send a text message to a friend or family member or co-worker, they will be surprise and happy
  • During shopping, competing  for a parking spot, give it to the other person
  • Send  small gift to  a neighbor or a friend
  •  Cut the grass and snow shovel for a  neighbor, it will bring harmony
  • Plan some fun time with friends and family members
  • Send some clothes or food items to a needy neighbor as gift
  • Go  to a garden to pick up straw berries with neighbors, friends or family and then distribute
  • Go together with friends and  family  for fishing and distribute the catch
  • If someone is violent towards us,  get out of the way, and  let it not be ourselves violent
  • If some on is  abusing us, we should not  be accepting it, in turn, we should not abuse, rather seek outside help
  • We should be advocate of kindness for all community members  irrespective of ethnicity, faith, culture, young, old,  men, or women,
  • We should be inclusive and tolerant

Just talking and being  in isolation  or  depressed, we will not be able to do anything for us, our community or country  or the world. Let us  act and hope , we will be able to have peace in our family, neighborhood, & community, and eventfully in our country and the world.
Dr. Emdad Khan is the founder  president of SNMC  since 1999 and founder president of CBET since 2012. He was the System Engineer in Nortel-Ericsson from 1999 to 2011. He was a professor of Computer Science in Bahrain University from 1981 to 1996. He holds a Ph. D.   in  Microprocessor Systems, Networking and Control from  the University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST).
He is the another of 2 books in Computer science and has 20 research papers in Information systems, Computer Science and Engineering. He has written over 30 artifices  in magazine and newspapers on contemporary social issues, immigrants integration and Islamic moral values.

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