Alone, by Reeham Chowdhury


I stood alone
All the crowd around me, but I was alone
The humidity overwhelmed me
I couldn’t overcome the loneliness

I cried, and I couldn’t stop

I waited to see if someone would come for me, find me
But no one did
Finally, someone did
He calmed me
At the compassion, I had to say yes
I followed him
He led me to a white vehicle, which looked like a beautiful creature
He almost led me in, as I peeked into the monstrous inside

A bag came flying towards us
It hit the man
I looked around me
Saw my parents running, screaming, shouting
I looked at the man, but he had entered the white van
And ran away
My mother came up and held me tight
She wouldn’t let go

We cried, and we couldn’t stop

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