CBET Sikness and Spiritual Service


There are great rewards awaiting those who visit the sick as mentioned by the Prophet (pbuh): “A Muslim visiting his sick brother (or sister) will continue to be in the harvest of paradise until he or she returns home.”

And God’s Messenger of Mercy, Mohammad, also said: “A visitor walking to visit a sick person will be wading in the mercy of God.  When the visitor sits with the sick one, they will be immersed in mercy until his or her return.”

On top of spending numerous volunteer hours to continue with the mission to change a life by giving in education, CBET board members  are providing community service by Visiting the Sick person to the Hospitals & Homes,Performing spiritual prayer for a quick recovery of the sick person.
This month CBET board members visited
– Br Jashim Uddin Ahmed who is recovering from an Open heart surgery.
– Br Altafur Rahman who had a stroke ,
– Br Yousuf who was suffering from Swing flu,
– Br Sultan Khondker who had a surgery on kidney stone.
May God Almighty bring a quick recovery for all of them plus many others.

If have  a sick friend or relative , if you like CBET team to visit, please email us at info@CBET.ca or call us at 613-725-5926 or 613-322-2909

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