Education – Rida Rahman


Education –      Rida Rahman

Although our look on education has improved drastically in the past century, in my opinion, I don’t think students are being prepared enough to be able to solve open ended realistic problems. We are taught in school things that allow our minds to grow and enrich in its knowledge we have available to us, but what is that knowledge if it doesn’t help us in the future for realistic problems. Math questions especially bring forth my point. We are given unrealistic questions that are much to specified. Questions that state how many watermelons we need to rationalize between a certain amount of people, how to show your work when explaining. Of course, these are all great skills that a student must learn to understand the complexity of other problems, but is it really helping us if it restricts us from further thinking. I believe that new ideas come from critical thinking. Critical thinking is development of speaking your opinion. I think it’s something many people lack these days. It takes self confidence to assert yourself and your ideas to someone, because of the fear of being judged. Those who aren’t afraid of stating their ideas are people who get farther. Its understandable that people would be afraid of judgement, but if education taught us to get more involved and make assumptions based on their own thoughts, it would help us see the many different ways one thing can be interpreted. It would make other feel more prepared, even if they are facing the problem head on. It would help us feel more prepared for what awaits us, what we don’t know yet.

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