Inspiring Hajj Story, Farook Aman, Ottawa

Inspiring Hajj Story, Farook Aman, Ottawa

  • Sa’eed was sitting at the waiting area at Jeddah International Airport after having completed the rituals of Hajj, and
    next to him was sitting another person who already performed and completed his Hajj too. 

    The man next to him started talking to Saeed. He said:                                                 

    “You know brother, I work as a contractor and Allah (swt) has blessed me with performing my tenth Hajj this year.
    Sa’eed commended him by saying :        
    ” Hajjon Mabroor wa sayyon Mashkoor. May Allah accept and forgive your sins.              
    The man smiled, raised his hands up in the air and said: Ameen.                
    Then  the man asked Saeed: Have you performed Hajj before this time?                                                
    Sa’eed was hesitant to speak, and then he slowly began to say:    
    By Allah, it’s a long story and I don’t want to bore you brother!                                                 

    The man flashed a smile and said:                
    We are passing time while please tell me. We’re just waiting.              
    Sa’eed forced a smiled and said: Yes, waiting is actually the start of my story.                                                  
    “I’ve been waiting for years to perform Hajj.
    He continued :                                         
    After working for thirty years as a physiotherapist in a private hospital, I was able to save enough
    funds to finally go to Hajj.                                                

    On the day I went to receive my salary, I came across one of the mothers whose son was paralyzed. 
    I used to treat him.                                                

    I could see worries in her face. She was evidently quite anxious about the condition of her son.
    She commented: “I  leave you to Allah’s protection, brother Sa’eed, this is our last visit to this hospital!
    I was surprised to hear those words and could not make out what she meant. Obviously I thought she might not have been happy with my treatment. She was considering moving her son to another hospital.                
    She told me: “No brother Sa’eed, Allah bears witness that you were to my son like a father, and you helped him a lot in his treatment when we had lost hope.
    Then she left, quite saddened with the situation.                                                

    The man next to Saeed interrupted and announced:
    That’s strange, if she was pleased with your treatment and her son was improving, then why would she leave the hospital?               
    Sa’eed responded wisely: That’s what I thought too, so I went to the Hospital Administration Office to inquire what had really happened?”                
    I came to know that the boy’s father had lost his job and was unable to continue paying for his son’s treatment.
    The man burst with a loud wisdom. He said:There is no Might and Power except that of Allah. I feel sorry for them. So, how did you deal with it, brother Saeed?
    Sa’eed calmly explained:I went to the Manager of the Hospital and pleaded with him to continue treating the boy at the
    hospital’s expense, but he sharply rejected the request and pointed out , ‘this is a private
    institution not a charity one !’.               
    I left his office very sad and heart broken. I thought to myself : This family must be helped by any means. Then suddenly, I placed my hand in my pocket and I could feel the money which I had prepared to go
    to Hajj.   
    I stood at that point for a while, then I raised my head up towards the sky and found myself speaking loud to my
    creator. I begged :               
    O Allah, You know how I feel and You know there is nothing more joyful for me than to go to Your House and perform the
    Hajj, and to visit Your Messenger’s Masjid and grave.                 
    O Allah, You know I have been working all my life for this moment, but I prefer this poor mother and her sick son over
    myself, so please do not deprive me of Your continued blessings and favours.             
    At that point in time, I marched to the Accounts Department and paid all that I had for the treatment of the boy which would cover
    the cost of treatment for six months.
    I also begged the accountant to inform the mother of the boy that the cost of treating her son was from the Hospital expense for
    special cases.     
    He was deeply touched and evidently impacted by my request as I could see tears in his eyes. He prayed for me:‘Baaraka Allah Feek and all good people like yourself.
    The man questioned Saeed: If you donated all of your money, then how did you manage to go to Hajj?                            

    Sa’eed further explained: I went back to my home, really saddened for having lost the opportunity of a lifetime to perform Hajj.  
    But, on the other hand, my heart was filled with happiness and exceptional joyous feelings that I removed a loaded distress from the mother and her sick son.
    I slept that night with tears rolling down on my cheeks.                                                

    I had a dream that I was making Tawaf around the Ka’aba and people were saying Salaam to me and they told me:
    ‘Hajjon Mabroor O Sa’eed, for you have performed Hajj in the Heavens before you performed Hajj on earth’.
    I immediately woke up and felt an indescribable feelings of happiness and joy.                  
    I praised Allah (swt) for everything He gave me. I am delighted with His decree.               
    When I got up from my sleep, my phone rang and it was the Hospital’s Manager on the line.           
    He mentioned that the owner of the hospital wanted to go to Hajj this year and that he wanted to have his personal therapist to accompany him.                                                

    However, the therapist’s wife was expecting a baby and has reached her final days of pregnancy. So, he would not be able to
    leave his wife and go to Hajj.               
    Instead, the Manager asked : Would you do me a big favour, please..  Would you accompany the owner of the hospital to Hajj?               
    I could not believe my ears. I made Sojood and Shukr to Allah (swt). And as you can see, Allah (swt) granted me the gift to
    visit His House without paying for the cost.                                                

    And all praise to Allah, the owner of the hospital also insisted on giving me a monetary reward for accompanying him too.
    While performing Hajj, I told the owner of the hospital the story of the mother and her sick son,and he demanded that the boy
    should  be treated at the hospital at his own personal expense.
    He also ordered to place a donations box at the hospital for the treatment of needy patients.            
    In addition to that, he offered the boy’s father a job to work in one of his companies.
    He even returned the money I had initially spent for the boy’s treatment.                
    Have you experienced such great blessings and favours from GOD? Subhan Allah!               
    The man next to him hugged him and advised: By Allah I have never felt this kind of impacted emotions
    as I’m feeling now!                
    I would perform Hajj one year after another thinking that I was doing something great, and that my place with Allah would be elevated as a result of it..
    But now I understood that your Hajj is equivalent to a thousand hajj of mine.  True, I went to the House of Allah, but Allah invited you to His House.         

    May Allah accept your Hajj.  Always think good about Allah (swt) and know He is able to do Miracles!                                                 

    We ask Allah (swt) to open our hearts and to keep the doors of goodness and for Hajj always open.
    May He never deprive us of His great favours and blessings, insha Allah. 
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