CBET 4th Annual FRD:October 2nd at SNMC a success & raised over $19,000


Dear Brothers and Sisters, As-salamu Alykum Wa Rahmatullah and Wa Barakatuhu. Let the Peace, Mercy  and Blessing of Al-Mighty God be with you.

CBET 4th Annual FRD  on Oct 2nd was attended by two MPs Chandra and Andrew, councillor Qaqish,  Ex-Deputy Mayor Steve and Imam Anver Malam and a good number of dignitaries along with 200 guests.

CBET honoured 7 distinguished volunteers for outstanding  community services like SNMC COO Br Ahmed, Deputy Mayor Steve, MP Chandra, Sr Safia Rasheed, Sr Farzana, Sr S Rahman and Sr Tasfia.

It was an opportunity to meet and socialize with friends, families and other Canadians  in a friendly atmosphere and also enjoy delicious food with the purpose of changing lives.

We had  the opportunity to listen the  inspirational speech of  Imam Dr Zijad Delic and raised over $19,000 in ticket sales, cash, check, and pledges to help needy students in post secondary education in Canada and Bangladesh.During Ramdan fund raisng  in masjids and all year from friends and familes helped to rasie a total of over $60,000.

Al-Hamdu Lillah CBET approved for 2017 to send $51,000 to Bangladesh to award 285 scholarship each of $200 and another $5,000 to award 10 scholarships of $500 each in Ottawa Gatineau , Canada.

We thank CBET donors, volunteers and well-wishers.

Yes, we cannot change the world, but we can change the lives of one or more families for better. We can  donate online at www.CBET.ca, $200 for one scholarship by PayPal, MC and visa to sponsor one student.


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