Join First CBET Annual Youth Conference at SNMC 5.30 pm-9.30pm Saturday Dec 24 2016


Join First CBET Annual Youth Conference at SNMC  5.30pm-9.30pm Sunday  Dec 24 2016 at Location 3020 Woodroffe Ave Barrhaven

CBET also holds a monthly family gathering to provide a forum for kids and youths to integrate in Canadian society with strong moral and ethical values keeping identity and become contributing Canadian citizens.

CBET likes to listen to the kids and youths, their life issues, challenges and opportunities.

So CBET in  conjunction with 2nd Pitha Festival bringing together families with the children. We like the focus to be kids and youths. We brought them in Canada to have better opportunities in life.

Every Youths, high school and university students as well as young professionals, are encouraged to join this unique Youth conference with their families. Let us all work together to be contributing Canadians and give back to back home  country as well as Canadian Society.

The world is in turmoil, we are not able to resolve them, but all of us can  be peaceful, law abiding contributing Canadians.

So please mark your Calendar, join us at First CBET Annual Youth Conference On Dec 24 Saturday 5.30pm to 9.30pm  at snmc 3020 Woodroffe.

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