Why Easter eggs Tradition? Facts About Easter Eggs Tradition!,Farook Aman


Why Easter eggs Tradition? Facts About Easter Eggs Tradition!,Farook Aman

When you trust, your darkest hour can turn into your brightest one. Egg holds the embryo which is life in its most vulnerable state. The darkness enveloping it has a purpose, it makes the life within strong enough to emerge and sustain in light.

Easter is soon approaching even though Christmas feels like it was just yesterday. It is a holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is not a single day observance. A period of 40 days occurring before Easter, Lent, is a time of reflection and penance. It is thought that Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness where he avoided many temptations. 50 days after Easter the ascension of Jesus to heaven is celebrated.

Eggs were regarded as a symbol of fertility and new life long before its incorporation into Christianity. In the Iranian New Year, Nowruz, eggs have been used to depict life bursting out from the cold days of winter as spring begins.

In Christianity, eggs are symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus. The hard shell represents the sealed tomb of Christ and the cracking of the shell embodies the resurgence of Jesus. Moreover, Easter is a day of feasting, as eggs and meat are abstained from during Lent.

Egg decoration, egg hunts and egg rolling is age old practices that have continued till date.

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