2014 March, The CBET Dream: Dr Emdad Khan


The CBET Dream: Dr Emdad Khan

CBET- Canada Bangladesh Education Trust: a long cherished dream has finally come true.

Born in Ramadan/August 2012, CBET became a Canadian registered Non-profit organization in March 2013 and secured CRA Registered Charity status in January 2014.  We are now capable of issuing CRA Tax receipts to our donors.

Education is the key to success in life.   With the power of education, a family can achieve better health, prevent diseases, and come out of poverty.    However, many people in Bangladesh are not able to afford education.

We are in Canada: a land of opportunity. While running SNMC (South Nepean Muslim Community), we saw how different ethnic communities from different parts of the world are helping their communities back home.   In Ottawa, our South Asian communities, India, Pakistan, Nepal, SriLanka and even Afghanistan, run different charities to support education and health for the needy back home.    Seeing this, we were inspired to help educate the needy children in Bangladesh – and so, CBET was born.

CBET aims to motivate ethnic Bangladeshi communities in Canada to help support the education of less fortunate Bangladeshi students back home.  Through this endeavor, CBET aims to encourage Bangladeshi Canadians to contribute in society and develop strong ethical and moral values,

Al-Hamdu Lillah, CBET held its first successful fundraising dinner last June 2013. In 2013 CBET received $15,000 in donations from the community.  CBET transferred over $10,000 to Bangladesh to award 100 scholarships, each of $140 (Taka 10,000) to 5 students of 20 education institutes throughout Bangladesh.  This past winner, the first 5 students at Pabna College received their scholarships at an award ceremony held in Pabna, Bangladesh.  In addition, over the last year, we have established a Website, eNewsLetter, monthly gathering forum and quizzes.  Since its inception, we have come a long way!

In the next 5 years, CBET aims to get enough donations to give at least 10 scholarships with a value of 10,000 taka or more to at least one education institute in each of the 480 sub-districts of Bangladesh. CBET also aims to open branches in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.  With your help, we will achieve the goal of CBET.

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