2014 April Vision and Motivation, Dr. Emdad Khan


Vision and Motivation, Dr. Emdad Khan

A vision is a clear imagination of the future, a dream of the finished product or the final destination or to visualize the future now for the next 5, 10 or 20 years.  A simple but clear vision stimulates motivation, acts as a driving force, comes from our inner self and touches our heart. The more clearly a vision is dreamed and put into an action plan and refine the plan as the challenges come in, the more rewarding will be the end result. To have a clear vision and motivation is one of the foundation pillars of success.


To achieve anything meaningful in personal, professional, family, business, community or organization life, we need to have a vision, motivation and enthusiasm along with the courage and persistence to overcome the obstacles and resistance to reach the destination.  When a failure, difficulty or problem arises, it should be viewed, will bring new hidden opportunities. Progress happens when one grabs a new problem as an opportunity, which will change the things for the better.

Sharing the vision with parents, family, community members or employees is an essential step of being successful.  Changes will happen for a variety of reasons, one must re-examine the vision as part of a sound planning process.

When an individual’s values are aligned with the community or business vision, there will be a healthy partnership that leads to success for an individual as well as the organization.  Volunteers or employees of an organization or a community are in general interested to participate in resolving issues and being a part of the change process to reach the destination. Individual needs to see how their effort or contribution fits into the big picture.  An organization needs to explain to members a clear vision and appreciate what members do, which helps to reach the goal.

Visions or dreams of new ideas are not always welcomed and some people resist changes. If we believe in our goals and visions, we must have the courage to stand by our conviction and prepared to handle resistance and criticism.

If we have a vision that is beneficial to the community, as good cause will attract good people. If we offer opportunities that challenge members, many will enjoy the assignment to have their skills stretched. People likes being informed with regular communication, and seeing that progress is being made, motivates them to come forward to help. Human being enjoys receiving recognition for having contributed to an organization goals, giving thanks for a job well done are inexpensive but valuable rewards for their efforts.

Let us review few examples from the life of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a visionary, motivational spiritual and social leader.

  1. a) During migration while hiding in a cave, twice being invalidated, Shuraqua convinced himself, Muhammad (PBUH) was the true messenger, requested security & gift for protecting Muslims. He offered him glad tiding of wearing the gold bangles of Emperor Khusru of Persia
  2. b) During the battle of trench in Medina, he (PBUH) motivated the half fed and half-clad companions, while digging with each sprinkle of fire, that he saw the empire of Rome and Persia are coming under the control of Muslims.
  3. During Hudabia peace pact, He (PBUH) agreed to replace Muhammad as prophet of God by Muhammad ibn Abdullah which facilitated in two years to conquer Makkah without a fight.

Let us also review few examples from our own family, professional and community life. Hope this motivates readers to define their own vision and gets motivation to put into action.

  1. While in Bahrain with well-paid university job, free house, yearly vacation with free family air tickets, the better half dreamed to move to Ottawa for another better life for the kids.
  2. While got demoralized not being able to perform Salah in Jamah in Barrhaven, she dreamed of building the SNMC Center & Masjid.
  3. While working to build SNMC community and masjid, we were distributing over $100K per year to needy families, students and overseas calamities which motived us to dream about CBET to help needy students in Bangladesh by providing scholarships.

What are our dreams for our lives? How we like to spend our working hours, free hours with family, friends and community. How we like to make a living or live a life? What is our life goal for the next 5, 10 or 20 years? We should have a clear vision for what we want in life. The clearer our vision in consultation with parents and friends, the better we will start execution of the plan.  We also need to assess our capabilities and possibilities, where we are now, where we like to reach tomorrow and have an improvement plan for our shortcomings. With clear vision and action plan, let us march forward with courage, motivation and enthusiasm and keep going overcoming failures an obstacles.

A couple must have a vision for their relationship. While spending time in planning a wedding day, or a vacation, they need long term planning how they want to build the mutually beneficial relationship in terms of finance, kids, living, etc.

In modern tech savvy society, family members hardly spend time together. Let us create a family vision to increase bonds and reach common goal for all members. One way to plan is to eat dinner together and listen how each one spent the day at work or school and have some discussions to move forward with joint family vision, and help each other reach the life goal.

For an organization, the employees or volunteers need to be connected to the bigger picture to benefit from their motivation and enthusiasm. Providing training will increase the skills of employees as well as advance the organization vision as a win-win situation. An organization should be flexible in how it does things and re-define the priorities, vision and future direction as required.  An organization should identify the clients, customers, suppliers, etc. to service them better. An organization should be sincere to help employees by displaying a caring and sharing values. The leaders should be trust worthy, visionary to identify the difficulties as new opportunities. The employees should feel they are part of the organization vision which will encourage them to be motivated to give their best.

In conclusion, we can say a clearly defined simple vision motivates and moves us to move forward to a cherished future destination.

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