2014 July, What will be Our Legacy? Dr Emdad Khan


What will be Our Legacy?  Dr Emdad Khan

Who are we? What legacy have we built and shared with our family, relatives, community and country? What mission and vision are we living for? If we die today, will God be pleased with us? What will the society think of us?

Our mission in life should be raising righteous children, leaving beneficial knowledge, and making a difference in the community, changing a human life by working to alleviate poverty, giving in education, or improving health or housing and working to make our community and country a better place.

As we move through our life journey, our morals and values, we create a personal legacy; we leave behind our impact in the hearts and minds of others. But let us not think how people will remember us.  We must focus on our vision and mission in life and do our work with good intention. Inshallah, our the legacy will follow.  Nonetheless, we must keep in mind what people will think of us and about our actions in order to improve our own intention.

Let us also think of the saying of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): “A martyr, a learned person and a rich donor. All three will say on the Day of Judgment that they had done what they did for God, and God will respond: “But you lie. You fought in order to be called a hero; in order to be called a scholar; in order to be known as a generous person, and so you received your rewards in the world.” (Muslim)

We should all fear if our good deeds have the wrong intention and we must remember that God will not reward us because we seek rewards for those deeds from people. We should always seek His forgiveness, so our internal intention is to please God only and we get reward from Him only. Only He knows what is in our heart.

Will our children remember us as loving and caring or as strong, controlling, and rule-based parents? Will our parents think of us as a source of joy, or as source of burden? Will our neighbors think of us as helpful and peaceful or be grateful when we moved on?

Once we die, this world is over for us.  But as prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated, “When a human being dies, all of his deeds are terminated except for three types: an ongoing charity, knowledge from which others benefit, and a righteous child who prays for him.”  (Muslim). We should all be aiming for this legacy by keeping our intention pure for our creator, God.

We may live a quiet life, or one caring for others, we should not worry how people will remember us.  Better, we should strive to contribute to those around us and the community – not to be remembered in this world or to get reward from them – but to make our community and country a better place and get reward from our creator, God the Al-mighty.

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