Wear, Izwani Shafiq


Wear, Izwani Shafiq

“Oh my gosh!” Helena gasped as she saw her best friend walking through the halls with her bland grey sweatshirt.
“Hey Helena.” Kennedy, Helena’s best friend, chirped. Kennedy’s smile faded when she saw the look of horror on Helena’s face.

“Helen, you okay?” the shorter brunette girl asked, waving her hand in front of her blonde best friend’s face. Helena just raised a finger and accusingly pointed to her friend’s sweater.

“What are you wearing Ken?” she whimpered, cowering away from the other girl. Kennedy frowned.
“It’s a grey sweater, Helen.. Why are you acting all weird?” Ken mumbled, hurt that her friend doesn’t seem to want anything to do with her.

“Kennedy, come with me.” Helena muttered after a few moments. Kennedy complied as the two navigated the vast hallways of Longfields Davidson Heights Secondary School. Finally the taller blonde stopped in front of one of the computer labs on the first floor.

“Hel, what are we doing here? Mr Martin is teaching a class in here!” Kennedy hissed. Helena rolled her eyes and knocked on the door twice. Not even a few moments later, the door opened revealing a smiling south asian girl.

“Hi,” she greeted, stepping outside of the class. Helena greeted her with a simple hey while Kennedy awkwardly waved.
“You’re part of Mr Martin’s’ grade 11 marketing class, iWear, right?” Helena inquired, hoping she had come to the right class. The south asian girl adjusted her black framed glasses and nodded.

“Yeah, I’m Izwani, the head of human resources. Did you want a t-shirt?” she asked.
“Actually, I was wondering, could you guys make my best friend a t-shirt?” Helena whispered so that Kennedy couldn’t hear. The jet black haired girl laughed lightly.

“For sure, let me just get our production team out here.” Izwani giggled, ecstatic that their business was taking off.
“Helena, what was that all about?” Kennedy hissed the moment the older girl had left. Helena just turned to her and smiled.

“You’ll thank me later.” she replied with a wink. If Ken wasn’t confused before, she was now. What on earth could I possibly thank her for? Kennedy thought.
A minute passed and true to her word, Izwani and a few other people trailed out behind her.

“Okay so this is our production team, Sammy is the head, I’ll leave you in her care.” and with that the girl was gone. Helena and Kennedy turn to face the girl with the golden highlights, Sammy.

“Hi, I’m Sammy, as you know, and I’ll be the one customizing your shirt.” she beamed. Kennedy looked appalled.
“Why didn’t you tell me this is what you were doing! I already bought a shirt from them yesterday! I wanted to show you first so I wore the sweater to cover up the awesome design!” Kennedy exclaimed. To prove her point, she pulled off her sweatshirt to show her best friend. True to her word, she had a customized t-shirt with the word ‘Royalty’ written on it in elegant font with a crown.

Helena blushed at being caught in the act and for not knowing her best friend bought one already.
“Oh, I see you’ve bought our pre-made one, they’re $10.00 whereas the fully customized one is $15.00.” Sammy noted. That’s when Helena got a brilliant idea.

“I want two fully customized ones. One will say best, the other will say friend.” she stated.
The production team got to work and within two days, the friends had their shirts.

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