The Atheist By Shakir Sheikh, M.D.


Do you see the seed?
You plant in the soil
Is it from a weed?
Rewarding you as you toil
Does it yield any fruit?
Or stings as a nettle
The fearful and ugly brute
Poised in a closed kettle
Can nettles become pines?
Trees that grow very tall
Lowly nettles evolved with spines
Ready to prick them all
Do weeds evolve in to firs?
Inhabiting arboreal, majestic designed mall
This is where information blurs
Creating an intellectually infertile doll
Does really ontogeny breed phylogeny?
If so, biology is correct
If not, cerebration becomes apology
Manifesting, human folly does resurrect
See the sperms you emit
Is it an autonomous formation?
In the testes silently sit
To become alive by phosphorylation
See the ovum female sheds
Travel down the fallopian tube
IN the uterus it beds
Awaiting fertilization by sperms lube
In the uterine dark recesses
You develop into a human
Living on bloody justifiable processes
Is reality how it began?
If ontogeny does breed phylogeny
Then where does evolution stand
Does the atheist comprehend botany?
As human physiological magic wand?
Is it beyond his comprehension?
To understand his lowly birth
A bloody mess without petition
Confirmed by search and research
In perpetuity, opinions will differ
Truth and solace are condemned
Choice of mendacity do confer
Ascendancy or descendancy seldom blend
Human zygote swims in water
It has gills to breathe
Living in womb of mater
Gills become useless then decease
This is noted in histology
As lungs begin to develop
Thus breathing oxygen is necessary
To maintain life an sup
The zygote grows to maturity
In utero, then it’s delivered
Leaving womb in parous sanctity
As human to be remembered
Zygote behaves like a tadpole
Swimming to reach its destination
Nidus becomes a bloody hole
Human life is the proclamation
This is ontogeny breeds phylogeny
We are human not sub-human
Taught to calculate with alacrity
Seeking knowledge since life began
Laboratory experiments have been done
Fertilizing human and animal gametes
Gross failure occurred having fun
When cells reach sixty four athletes
How difficult and unnatural to say
Ontogeny does not breed phylogeny
For this to occur it must be supernatural
Quashing Darwinian Theory.

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