Invisible Disabilities, by Shawn Smith


The topic of “Invisible Disabilities” is important to know and understand because we cannot simply look at a person and assume they are fine. Many people with an invisible disability try their best to hide that they have a disability as they don’t want people to know about it. But that does not mean that they are not truly suffering. Other people are more open about their condition as they may require accommodation at times or feel the need to share or simply vent.
I personally live with an invisible disability which impacts almost every aspect of my life and I can’t always fully function. I am thus forced to retreat from life at times and, as many of you know, can be rather cranky. But there are literally hundreds of people in this city, including within the Muslim community, who are in a similar condition — looking fine but suffering. For many such people they cannot plan ahead very far as they never know how they will feel from one day to the next. They are not always able to pursue those things in life which would give them pleasure and fulfillment, which can, at times, be very demoralizing. This can leave the person feeling quite isolated and under-appreciated which in turn has the potential to lead to severe depression and even suicidal ideation, which in the past was the case for me personally, but I know of other cases also. This is indeed a test from Allah, and sometimes the test is very difficult to live with. But this is not just a test for the person with the disability, but also for the community regarding how they will deal with this issue.
Please read the following article with the care and consideration the topic deserves and be thankful for the many blessings Allah has bestowed upon you. And, at the same time, don’t be too quick to assume that the person sitting beside you in salat is fine, even if they look fine.
Invisible Disabilities: List & Information


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