CBET Community Services, by Fakhruz Zaman


Born in August /Ramadan 2012, CBET became a Canadian federal registered  non-profit organization in August 2013 and a Canadian Federal registered charity in January 2014. CBET itself was born out of BDQ, which was born in July 2010 and in 2014 BDQ was assimilated in CBET.

Community services are vital part for any organization to be successful to achieve its mission, vision and values. Services and tools make the organization efficient and benefits the community, keep them informed and get involved with activities. Services put the community together to have fun, meet and greet each other; also is an effective way to spread the message of the organization.

– Website www.cbet.ca, Website is the 24/7 virtual store for CBET which is open for anyone across the globe to find out about CBET as well to send a query any one has?
Through Donate buttons, anyone can donate from anywhere in the world from Earning, Zakat and Sadaqa by PayPal, MC, Visa or Amex card. Potential education institutes can get acquainted with Scholarship policy and procedures. Users through you tube video and social media can learn about activities, achievements and scholarship recipients. Any one at any time, can refresh themselves about upcoming events and past events stories. CBET also posted QA page to answer commonly asked questions about CBET.
– Weekly CBET newsletter: To maintain effective communication, each week CBET publishes a weekly newsletter with activities, upcoming events, day to day life tips and community news. To get your news published please send email to info@cbet.ca
– E-Magazine, www.canadiandream.cbet.ca, CBET provides service to community members to be creative writers, authors and anyone can send an article about their own life success and challenges to get published in the Canadian Dream e-Magazine which, published 3rd Friday of every month. To get your article published please send email to info@cbet.ca.
– CBET e-mail, best way to communicate with CBET management simply send an email to info@cbet.ca.
Facebook page, provides a Social media with Pictures to describe many CBET activities and events. https://www.facebook.com/pages/CBET-Canada-Bangladesh-Education- Trust/223583621132844
– Twitter page, gives another social media to spread the message. Please follow to CBET twitter page, https://twitter.com/CBET_CB.
– YouTube link, many CBET activities are posted on video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoLuWFxqjDE

– TV Channel, Bangladesh Window, promotes CBET and community activities of Canadian Bangladeshi community, on Rogers community TV Channel 22. The programs has featured, CBET Annual Fundraising Dinner, life stores of successful Canadian youths of Bangladeshi origin, activities of few Bangladeshi Canadian community organizations, CBMC, OBMFO, BCS and Sanchari and Community Pitha Festival.
– CRA Tax Receipt, CBET procured a charity tool software, to issue tax receipts by electronic way via email to our valued donors.
– CBET own laptop system helps to run daily operation and monthly social events
– CBET procured a Sound and projector system, to provide quality program for any large indoor and outdoor events and activities, also to be environment friendly being paperless.
– 2015 first Annual Pitha festival was an innovative opportunity to provide service with fun and bringing the community together to enjoy delicious food, savory items in a festive mood. It provided an environment for the community to participate in. Pitha, poetry and speech competition and winning prizes..
– Kids and Youth Competitive Activities: To keep Kids and Youths engaged, CBET holds a quiz competition during monthly gathering. Also the monthly events are MCed by youths and few youths are also promoted to be speakers along with invited guests.
– Summer Picnic & Sports Day and Ramadan Iftar Party: CBET holds Annual picnic fun filled with sports activities for adults; youth and children. Similarwaay, CBET holds annual Iftar events for community members, youths, brothers, sisters and community leaders. These events are fun as well as an opportunity for CBET to receive donations.
CBET sponsors: Maple Lodge Farm donated Zabiha Halal Chicken Berger and bottle water during CBET picnic. Rogers Community TV captures each CBET event to be telecasted on Bangladesh Window on Rogers TV channel 22
– CBET collaborate with many community organizations such as HCI, SNMC, ISC- Masjid Bilal, KMA, CanGoFar, OBFFO, CBMC etc. to collect fund during Ramadan or their annual events.
– Online cloud storage is used by CBET fro archiving documents related to scholarships, transactions, expenses and donations are stored in Cloud.
– CBET mailing list consist of nearly 1,500 subscribers who enjoys monthly eNewsLetter as well as monthly Canadian Dream eMagazine

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