Venus the Mysterious Planet, by Mir Akter Hossain


Venus is the third brightest object (Known as morning Star before, but now planet) in the sky after Sun & Moon. There are some abnormal & uncommon signs that appears in case of Venus with respect to other planets of Solar System. Following factors are dominant there.
1 ) Temperature of Venus is too high which is 462⁰ C & more than the temperature of mercury although, mercury is more close to Sun than that of Venus. Temperature is same at polar or Equator region & at night or day.
2) Atmospheric Pressure on its surface is 92 times more than the atmospheric pressure on Earth. This pressure exist 1 km below the water level of Ocean in Earth.
3) Velocity of rotation of Venus is very slow on its axis means one Venusian day is more than one venusian year. In case of Earth 365 rotation on its axis is equal to one rotation in its orbit .More clearly two rotation of Venus on its axis is equal to three rotation in its orbit.
4) Rotation of Venus on its axis is clockwise or opposite direction with respect to the rotation of other planets on their axis which are anticlockwise. As a result of this Sun rises from west in Venus but in other planets along with Earth Sun rises from East.
I) High temperature on Venus may originate from many reasons. As atmosphere of Venus consist of 96 % of CO₂ which traps Heat absorbed from Sun’s radiation during the Day time . Heat received in Day can not escape in Night results high temperature rise due to accumulation of heat in the heavy blanket of CO₂.
II) Atmosphere of Venus is ninety times more massive than that of Earth, which results very high force of gravity on its atmosphere composed of CO₂ & that causes 92 atm according to the equation, Pressure = Force/Area.
III) There are many explanation for slow rotation of Venus. One of them describe that Sun’s gravitation pull on planet’s very dense atmosphere causes strong atmospheric tide, which combine with friction between mantle & core that results slow rotation of planet.
Hypothesis about reverse Spin : Most probably long time before in the past Venus had a collision with a very massive celestial body which was approaching from opposite direction having very high momentum that resulted the reduction of velocity at first , then came to standstill & finally reversed the direction of spin on its axis & it is continuing still today. So any one standing on the surface of Venus will observe Sun rises from West.
In Muslim Scriptures there is Verse in Holy Quran Which indicates possibility of striking Earth by massive celestial object at any time & Bukhari Shareef Hadees describes that before Yamul keyama (Day of Judgment or End of World), the Sun will rise from West in Earth.
Holy Quran . Sura 36/49 (Sura Easin) They must be waiting for but one single blast, which will overtake them while they are still disputing. (Also Check Sura 36/50 to Sura 36/54)
Bukhari Shareef Hadees-Vol 9, Book 88, Number 237- ALLAH’s Apostle said,” The Hour will not be established (11) till the Sun rises from West.”
Among all the planets of Solar system, except Earth only planet Venus, that has been mentioned (Not by name but by description) one time in Holy Quran in following verse.
Sura An am 6/76 When night descended on him (Abraham) saw a bright celestial object (Arabic word “Kaokaba” mentioned there means planet, but Arabic of star is najam ), he said,” this is my LORD”, then when it set, he said, “I do not love things that set”.
This is similar to the situation like only one woman’s name that is “Mary”, (pbu), (Mother of Jesus Christ), (pbu) has been mentioned several times in Holy Quran. All the woman’s name of the World from the beginning of human life like “ Eve-wife of Adam (pbu), Sarah (Genesis 25/10)-Wife of Abraham (pbu), Rebekah (Genesis 24/67) wife of Isaac (pbu), Zipporah (Exodus 2/21)-Wife of Moses (pbu), mother, wife & daughter etc of Last prophet Muhammad (pbu) has not been mentioned for single time in whole Holy Quran. The above data structures in the book exist there, as the status of Mary (pbu) is highest among all the women of the World those who appeared from the beginning of human life according to Surah 3/42 ( Surah Imran of Holy Quran).
Surah 3/42 (Al Imran- Vs 42) The Angels said, “ O ! Mary , GOD has selected you & purified you. He has selected you above the women of all the nations.”

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