Immigrant Life Story and Legacy, Mohamed Ghadban, President OMA



We are having over 25,000 Syrian brothers and sisters came to Ottawa in late 1015 and beginning of 2016, who are just starting their life in their new home, Canada.

We would like to welcome them and  we would like to thank everyone from the government,  Canadian public, communities, mosques, churches and synagogue who helped in bringing these families to safety . To a new home.  … Welcome to Canada,  land of the freedom an democracy and diversity.

We would like to share with you a story  a story about choices in life about building a Legacy. We knew a family who came to Canada as immigrants many years ago. A simple family, father, mother and kids. They came to a country with different language, culture and weather .Did I say weather,, I meant cold freezing weather. They were looking for a new life; Peaceful,  fruitful, successful life  for them and their kids and generations to come.

They knew, it will not be easy ….and it was not easy; so many times during their first few days, weeks and months in their new home specially in the cold winter nights , they thought to their selves, WHYYYYY  ??!!

But, they saw the beauty of this land and its people .. they had a choice and they chose to stay and be part of it. The father learned the language, he found a job .. the mother was taking care of the kids plus working part time to help out..

It was not easy but they were together and they took a choice to be successful. They took a choice to have their own legacy. The father was working over 12 hours a day, when he comes home he would stay with his seven kids .. he was tired, sleepy , exhausted but he knew his role as a father

He would teach them  Islam, Arabic, make sure they are progressing at their school engrave in their hearts and minds the values and ethics and be with them. The family was strong and they faced a lot together but they were happy.

Few years later, the father became sick few months later he passed away. The whole family was shocked to the core,, for few minutes they thought they are lost . Everyone was asking , from the 15 years old eldest boy to the 7 years old girl .. what should I do ??

Out of their fear,  sadness, sorrow  and feeling of deep loss ,, they stuck together ….as a family. They had a choice and they chose. The mother took a night shift job. The oldest brother had a part time job after school and full time job during the weekend ..  the 9 years old sister took care of the house  they stuck together as a family .. Muslim Family .. Canadian Family.

They always remembered the values and the teaching their father gave to them .  . They did not forget their religion . they did not forget their history .. they did not forget where they came from .they always remembered they are a Muslim ..,..  Canadian Family .

They had a choice to take the easy way .. to give up .. to surrender ..they could have thousands of excuses to do nothing, to be despair …….but they always remembered,  they are Muslims, they are family they are Canadians.

Years later, the kids grow , they became men and women they became fathers and mothers. Successful in their life, career and families .. They never forgot and they always teach their kids and grandchildren’s .

Know who you are? Know your history! Know your religion! Know you are a proud Muslim Canadian!

And above all remember that you are living the legacy of our beloved Prophet Muhammed(SAW) , who was chosen to deliver Allah final message to all of humanity.We are all living this legacy,of those who believe and do righteous deeds and in order to do so we must first know our creator our prophets and the beloved companions to understand what faith meant for them and how they implemented that faith into their daily lives.

We as individuals, communities , organizations  despite our differences we are ALL one family and by gaining knowledge,our faith will be empowered and strengthened and we can all work together to make the world a better place.

One big Family the Canadian Family .. the Canadian Legacy.

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