CBET Scholarship Award: Power to Give, M A Jafar


                    2016 CBET Scholarship Award ; Power to Give, M A Jafar

CBET is very happy to announce that in the last month we have distributed 104 scholarships to the college students in Bangladesh. This is our first 2016 batch and award of next batch of the scholarships will be announced next month. The detailed list has been published in our www.cbet.ca.

Thank you for supporting and donation to CBET, without your support, we would not be able to give 300 scholarships to the poor college students in rural Bangladesh since 2014. We are also giving scholarships in Ottawa High school graduates who are going for higher education.

CBET is committed to help college students in Bangladesh and Canada to change the lives of those in less fortunate position.

Your Donation is a statement that you believe and care about bringing real, lasting and positive change in the community.

We hope and count on you to renew your much support by making a generous donation to CBET and that give us power on behalf of you to send your gift to the needy students.

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