Ramadan:Change a Life by Giving in Education online with Paypal, MC, Visa : Only $20 or 10 from Earning, Sadaqa or Zakat


Please  donate only $20 or $10 from Zakat, Sadaqa or Earning, online at www.CBET.ca by Paypal, MC or Visa to help a needy student in Canada and Bangladesh

Change a Life by Giving in Education.Get Reward from our Creator God and a CRA Tax Receipt

Our generous guests donated over $40,000 for supporting education of needy students.
During 2014-2015 CBET awarded 20 scholarships in Ottawa Gatineu and 200 scholarships in rural Bangladesh.

By March 2016 Al-hamdu Lillah we already  awarded 120 scholarships in Bangladesh and another 60 in Bangladesh  and another 10 scholarships in Ottawa Gatineau, a total of 190.

Please donate  only $20 or $10 online
at www.CBET.ca by Paypal, MC, Visa or Amex from any where in the world.

During Ramadan we get 70 times more reward, from our zakat, sadaqa, please  let us sponsor one scholarship of $200, and change a life and also get  a CRA Tax Receipt and Reward from the Al-Mighty God. We can donate in the name of our parents and close relatives.

Change a life by Giving in Education, It is sadaqa e Jaria, Charity Does Not Decrease wealth,
Rather every one gets at least 10 times in this life. Donate from Earning, Zakat, or Sadaqa.

10 Benefits of Donating to a Registered Charity
1. Experience More Pleasure, donating money simply makes us feel better
2. Reduce Rates of Stress, improved happiness & health, who volunteer & donate
3. Help Others in Need, when we donate our money, we help others who need it.
4. Get a CRA Tax Deduction, we get back $30 for every $100 donation
5. Bring More Meaning to our Life, meet new people who believe in the same causes as us.
6. Promote Generosity in our Children, as they see us donating
7. Motivate Friends and Family, they may find themselves more motivated to donate.
8. Realize that Every Little Bit Helps, even one dollar
9. Improve Personal Money Management, if donate say $100 per month to a charity
10. Give, if we Can’t Volunteer, writing out a check is a simple way to help others.

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