Insha’Allah First Day of Tarawee Sunday 11pm and First Ramadan Monday June 6 subject to global sighting confirmation


As-salamu Alykum, Ramadan Karim

We hope and pray this Ramadan daily Iftar and Tarawee salah go smoothly with all of us. Subject to global sighting confirmation, insha’Allah First Day of Tarawee will start on Sunday 11pm at snmc masjid  and First Ramadan Monday June 6.

Ottawa Gatineau Imam council will make the announcement on Sunday based on confirmed global sighing. SNMC website,  FB and  Twitter links  will be updated as well as a special newsletter will be published.

Tentatively SNMC has arranged a free Iftar & Dinner for 400 persons on Monday (subject to being first day of Ramadan). Pre-registration at and /or collecting of token required from snmc office on first come first serve basis.

Kulla Um wa Anutum Be Khair

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