CBET 6th Annual Iftar program on June 19 at snmc attended by 450+ and received Doantion over $5,000


CBET Iftar program: Great team work, calm, cool, disciplined and enjoyable environment

Al-Hamdu Lillah it was a  great team work on June 19 Sunday at CBET  6th Annual  (in fact 2nd annual at open place open hall) Iftar program.

Guests enjoyed a nice social evening, nice food, well organized and well participated by 450+ persons (2015 250+) of the multi ethnic community from all over Ottawa-Gatineau. Guests and CBET volunteers were very helpful and well disciplined. Great recording from a variety of speakers by Rogers TV for Bangladesh Window program.

CBET Ifart picture at snmc

Last year, CBET  Iftar program was in SNMC basement. This year CBET program was in SNMC  main community hall, main prayer hall,  women prayer hall, men lobby and  women lobby.

Although not actively seeking, CBET received donation of over $5,000 from the generous guests. It was a great CBET team work, was displayed in real action under challenging situation.

Al-Hamdu Lillah Allah (SWT) helped our CBET with great  team  work and generous donation.

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