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Hole or Crack in Ozone Layer  (A Layer of Atmosphere)

Ozone layer is located at a distance of 15 to 30 km from Earth surface. This blanket of Ozone blocks most of Sun’s high frequency ultra violet ray. Since  late 1970 it has been observed that there is crack or hole in Ozone layer through which UV ray & other harmful  rays are reaching to Earth surface.

These UV rays  can cause skin cancer, cataract for human being  as well as reproductive problems in fish, crabs, frogs & even in single celled phytoplankton at the bottom of the Ocean food chain.

In the  verses of Holy Quran the future  appearance of hole or crack in the sky  has been mentioned in the  following four locations of the book.


Sura  82/1 (Sura Infitar) When the Sky (Shamau) is cleft asunder (split, crack, hole-Arabic-Nufatarat)

Sura 84/1 (Sura Inshikak) When the Sky (Shamau) is rent asunder (split,crack,hole- Arabic-Nushakkat)

Sura 77/9 (Sura Mursalat) When the sky (Shamau) is cleft asunder (Split, crack etc- Arabic-Furijat), Also Sura 55/37-Sura rahman.

Holy Quran was revealed to human being in 600 century & at that time it was invisible or was not understood the meaning of hole or crack in sky or atmosphere. Now with the knowledge of modern science & technology the interpretations of above verses is clear means , it was a revelation from Almighty GOD or ALLAH but not from any human being on Earth.

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