Tips For the Coming Year, Izwani Shafiq, Grade 11, Berrigan High School


Tips For the Coming Year, Izwani Shafiq, Grade 11, Berrigan High School

Summer is coming to a close and it’s around this time that most students are hit with a sense of what Lana Del Rey likes to call, “Summertime Sadness”. The thought of going back to school sends a shiver of terror down the spines of some, while others -the overachievers I think they are called- twirl and pirouette at the thought of going back to school. For those dreading the return to school, here are three tips for the coming school year.

Tip one, don’t always look for your friends. Sure having your friends in your class is great, but sometimes, it’s what can get you in trouble. Make new friends, sit next different people, broaden your friend circle to beyond the four kids you grew up with since you were in diapers. You never know what those other kids could teach you; and who knows? Maybe several years down the line, you may need them to advance your career or get it started.



Tip two, participate in school spirit days. Yes dressing up for spirit days take effort, but is only a week or two per year, everyone can sacrifice at least that much time. Besides, it isn’t the reward that matter, it is the amount of fun you have participating in these events that make it matter in the end. The planning you do with your friends for twin day perhaps. Or maybe it’s Superhero day and you want your circle of friends to all be DC heroes. Whatever the theme may be, doing it with your friends is so much better! Let’s not forget the activities that are planned for everyone. Those activities are what make spirit days fun. At our school we always play musical chairs when we’re doing our Battle of the Grades Spirit Week and it’s something everyone always looks forward to. Other schools may have different activities but the fact still stands, they’re usually all for students to enjoy themselves.


Tip three, put yourself out there. Projects, tests, presentations, when does one have the time to ‘put themselves out there’? You have time only if you make time for it. Which is why, if you are going to put yourself out there, choose a club or activity you are passionate about. Maybe that passion is for robotics -like my cousin and a few others I know. Or maybe it is cooking club -come to our school’s dinners and programs and you can taste how passionate those students are. Or perhaps you want to be part of a play -not to brag but LDH has the best plays if I do say so myself. No matter what the club or activity is, as long as it is something you care for or have an interest in, immerse yourself in it. That activity could be something that will help you in the future to figure out what you want to do in life and get into the University of your choice.



Three tips that probably anyone from primary to secondary school can apply to their academic life to enhance it. Being a secondary school student myself, there are many more tips I can think of for high school students starting their first year than I can for those in primary school. Also many apologies if the tips are backdated, it’s been awhile since I’ve been in primary school. It’s not to say that with these three tips your academic career will suddenly be unicorns and rainbows -not even close- but it will be slightly less gloom and doom. Wishing all students good luck this coming school year, whether it be primary school secondary school or University.


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