CBET 4th Annual Fund Rasising Dinner: Sunday October 2nd 5.30pm SNMC Banquet Hall


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As-salamu Alykum. Let the peace and Blessing of Al-Mighty God be with you.

CBET is pleased to announce that on Sunday 5.30pm October 2, 2016 at SNMC Banquet Hall, 3020 Woodroffe Ave, Barrhaven, CBET is holding its 4th Annual Fund Rising Dinner.

It is an opportunity to meet and socialize our friends, families and other Canadians  in a friendly atmosphere and also enjoy delicious food with purpose of changing lives.

We will have opportunity to listen the  inspirational speech of  Imam Dr Zijad Delic and lean how in the present world of turmoil  we can change the lives of many persons who will  become contributing Citizens of the global village.

Yes, we cannot change the world, but we can change the lives of one or more families for better.

Tickets for adults only $30 and for kids 4+ /Student only $20.

Please to reserve tickets send email to info@CBET.ca or call 613-322-2909 / 613-725-5926

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