Take off your shoes and avoid bring micro bacteria into your home..

TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES AT THE DOOR, starting.. Faook Aman

 Scientists discovered various types of micro bacteria on our walking shoes outside the home. .best to take off your shoes at the door when you enter the home. This will fight off bringing dangerous germs to your house..!!!!
This is according to a study made by Charles Djerba, Specialist in microbiology at The University of Arizona…
Turns out that our walking shoes in the streets are the carriers of micro germs that can cause inflammation in the gut,
Urology and renal complications leading to potential failure..
The pollution comes from the bottom of the shoes when we walk on to the streets ..
Walking on birds droppings.. Entering public / private toilets,  walking near the sewers in winter and also hospital floors, etc etc..!!!
Researcher, the Austrian Dagmar Chowder confirmed that shoes are the culprits of bringing germs to our homes..
Winter is the most dangerous in the transfer of micro bacteria numbered over 420 types
She drew  conclusion that to avoid bringing these bacteria into your home, it is best to:
Do not enter the living room with your boots. . It would be best to take the shoes off at the house entrance ..
Use indoor Sandals afterwards if available..

 “You’re in the Holy Valley Towa”, Gods talks to Moses ?.. He asked Moses to take off his shoes
The Verse addressed by Al mighty God to his Prophet, Moses, peace be upon him. This may be the key to Cleanliness, Hygiene and purity. The crusaders were utterly surprised and impressed when they invaded the Holy land of Al Sham Land  and Juresalam. They found the homes of its inhabitants at a high level of cleanliness and purity. As Z. Creed’s Hoga mentions in her book : “The Arab Sun Shines on the West”..
Thus, it is highly recommended to take off  the shoes at the door and do
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