Canada 2017, Asma Khan, Ottawa


Canada 2017,  Asma Khan, Ottawa

The way of globalization,

To find Aladdin’s lamp,  people migrate in crowds

On  one side poor destitute slam

The other side, renowned rich and famous .

O brown people, in white land where you stand?


In the land of abundance,

You can find anything you desire

O destiny, for some people gold becomes dust,

For others,  the dust becomes gold.

O brown people, how will you

‘Open sesame?’


Arriving in this picture perfect country

Our memories and dreams transformed into new  image

With talent and dedication we make our mark.

Searching for the ‘bluebird’ of happiness

Everyone works together to develop this county.


Different religions, colors, languages, a mosaic

Love ‘mine’ is hidden within the people.

Hatred seems to spread all over the world,

Shortages of wisdom and conscience

In  this adverse time, unity pledge, ignites torch of hope

In time of one and a half-century celebration of the Independence

Not in fear but in hope embrace 2017, New Year!

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