Alone, Izwani Shafiq, G11, Longfields and Davidson High School, Barrhaven


Alone, Izwani Shafiq

She sat at the bar with a drink in her hands, she sat alone

A little further away, he was surrounded by people, acting so grand, but he was alone.


On the cliff over looking the world, they stood admiring beauty,

It’s only then they felt like a grain of sand, they stood there alone.


Overseas serving for his country, he looked at her picture

The radiant smile so far away, surrounded by people in a land unknown, he felt alone.


In the corner booth she waited, waited for a lover who wouldn’t come

The realization was numbing but the coffee warmed her hands, he left her alone


They had a happy life, something not most have, a rarity,

Two lovers in love, they were never alone.

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