EMC/SNMC, Councillor Jan Harder, City of Ottawa


EMC/SNMC, Councillor Jan Harder, City of Ottawa

This week Canada released new info on Census 2016.  Here is a timeline of other reports that will be made available in 2017:

February 8, 2017       – Population and dwelling counts

May 3, 2017   – Age and sex, Type of dwelling

May 10, 2017 – Census of Agriculture

August 2, 2017           – Families, households and marital status, Language

September 13, 2017- Income

October 25, 2017       – Immigration and ethnocultural diversity, Housing, Aboriginal peoples

November 29, 2017 – Education, Labour, Journey to work, Language of work, Mobility and migration

The information received on February 8th tells us that Barrhaven has 85,000 residents and about 32,000 households.  The fact is in Barrhaven we see that of the entire growth within the City of Ottawa 28%+ of it is in Barrhaven.  Just think about it, almost 1/3 of all growth in this City in the last 5 years has been in Barrhaven.  I am not surprised but I am concerned.  Certainly it is even more important to keep up with services for that growth. That part is not easy. 

The City has Master Plans.  In 2014 we last updated for example the Transportation Master Plan.  It does not in my opinion given the information found in the census identify where current pressures are and where investments need be made in infrastructure to sustain such growth.  Of course this is something I will be reviewing in great detail and will have further info for you.  Later this spring the report on the joint VIA rail crossing/City of Ottawa study will be shared.  I will want to hold a community meeting for all interested to attend. 

The recent data does not include an adjustment for the undercount of those persons missed on Census day. In a year or two Statistics Canada will increase the 2016 population to account for those missed on Census day. In 2011 the undercount for the City of Ottawa represented a 3.27% increase.


The information we will receive in October on immigration and ethnocultural diversity will provide further interesting detail for Barrhaven.  I was speaking to my good friend Emdad Khan last weekend.  I asked him if he recalled our earliest meetings when he was leading the Muslim community in looking for community space.  It is some 15 years ago and we found that space, SNMC raised the funds necessary to build their community and spiritual space and now here we are with 15,000 Muslims calling Barrhaven home.  It seems remarkable to me and to him how an idea and a dream blossomed into such a result. 



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