Opportunity to award 5 scholarships of Taka 50,000 to an education institute of your choice: email to info@CBET.Ca


Dear Brothers and Sisters, As-salamu Alykum Wa Rahmatullah and Wa Barakatuhu. Let the Peace, Mercy  and Blessing of Al-Mighty God be with you.

Al-Hamdu Lillah CBET  for 2017 sent  $51,000 to Bangladesh to award 285 scholarship each of Taka 10,000 

We invite everyone to bring the name of any education insitute in Bangladesh (college, polytechnic, vocational institute),  name of head/faculty/community support memebr  of the insitute and active email and active cell phone and email  to info@CBET.ca and CBET Ottawa team will contact the institute.

We give 5 scholarships to one institute, each of Taka 10,000.

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