Who is a father? by Farook Aman, Ottawa, Canada,


Who is a father?  by Farook Aman, Ottawa, Canada,

[ taken from an Arabic text]

These are expressions that truly made tears role down my face!

This was a question that was posed to MSc University students. Some responses were dazzling and brilliant while others were habitual and routine.

However, the finest that the Professor in charge cited is these following answers which he acknowledged and approved to publish:-

The father

You will wear his shoes and you will lose balance as you attempt to walk with his over-sized shoes!

You will wear his glasses, and suddenly you will feel the absolute greatness, wisdom and charm!

You will wear his shirt and you certainly will feel the dignity and sobriety of a great man.

The father

You will ask for the key to his car and daydream that you are him while you drive!

You may precipitously think of something trivial, so you will call him at his work place. He would respond with open heart without you comprehending the load you put on him and perhaps the impact of his Manager’s warning raised eyebrow or his vexing colleague who often antagonized him!

You will ask him inaudibly: Dad would you please bring with you strawberry Juice on your way back.

He would reply: Yes, with pleasure, but on one condition, son, that you do not bother your mother. OK?

He would arrive at home totally exhausted of work load and related stress, due to negotiating heavy traffic on the road as well as putting up with the challenging hot and humid weather. So… he forgot your request!

Upon his arrival at home, you will remind him again: Dad, where is the juice?

He will flash a sympathetic smile and immediately exit the home again in order to readily and willingly bring your trivial request in spite of his fatigue.

And today:-

You will not wear his shoes because they are antiquated and old-fashioned!

You despise his clothing and other possessions, including his car which you were once showing it off to your friends because it does not suit you anymore and his talk is nauseating to you.

His body language makes you feel disgusted and you will feel mortified if your friends see him!

Whenever you are late coming home, he worries to death and calls you hoping that you were well and safe. Instead, you feel that he was troubling you and you may not reply if he calls you again.

When you arrive home late, he will surely and rigidity give you a lecture at the entrance in order to make you feel the sense of obligation and restraint in life. Instead of appreciating what he directed you to do, you get livid, but he will continue the path of raising you because he feels that he is the only Shepard who is accountable for his flock!

He will love you unconditionally and will be kind and merciful, although you howl at him and say inappropriate things which will bother him and deeply hurt his feelings. Instead, he will keep quiet and that is not because of fear or panic but in order to accommodate and win you back.

Yesterday, when he was young and strong, he would gladly carry you and put you on top of his shoulders to enjoy the ride and he would love to hear your innocent giggles. Today, you are taller and stronger than him. So, do not attempt to twist his arm by disobeying him.

Remember that yesterday, you struggled to talk and made blunders in words and letters, and today, no one could restrain you or tell you to shut up?

You should know that no matter how frustrating or irritating he may be, he is still your dad, after all. Have you forgotten that?

He took care of you while you were growing up. Today he has seemingly become agonizingly insignificant. You treat him inhumanly by ignoring the fact that he has become an old sick man, who needs you badly to be on his side?

Be kind and gentle to your father.  Others wish they could see the father again!

Someone asked: Who is the man whom you love the most?

The best response was: He who waited for me nine months and received me with jubilation, took care of me as a toddler at the expense of his poor health. And he stayed up nights thinking and planning your future until you became a man and feeling proud of your accomplishments.

He will be the man who will remain the eternal supreme love. With respect to all other men; no one looks like my dad. And I swear that if I were given the choice and were asked to scarify one of my children so that my dad would come back to life again, I would have sacrificed all of them!

O Lord, whosoever lost his dad, Have mercy on the dead soul and offer him joy in paradise as his eternal abode. And whosoever has his dad living, prolong his (dad’s) life at Your Glorious will; make it stress-free and easy for him while offering him the worthy and noble deeds and sustenance. O Lord, cascade upon him Your Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness and drive away all malicious evils.

Remember that this accolade is well deserved for your father, for we are nobody (I repeat nobody) without our fathers and mothers, whether they are alive or dead, healthy or sick, rich or poor.


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