CBET Scholarship award ceremony-2017: One of Hundreds of Award Ceremony


See how transparent CBET in selecting colleges, any where in Bangladesh, and selecting students and sending checks in the name of the students to colleges to hold an open award ceremony.

Please  see an scholarship award ceremony of CBET, a pre-condtion, of selecting  and awarding scholarships  through a transparent process.

Each college openly advertise for students, each  college has 5 members  committee for evalaution and seelction  based on merit and financial need and selct 7/8 students.Then sned to Ottawa CBET where another 5 member consider indepenedently and president in not part of the committee, and then 5 students are selected from 7/8 students and checks are sent from an independet BD govt registered NGO in Bangladesh (www.surovi.com) in the name of the individual students and send to college and college must hold an open award ceremony, each student gets equivalent t of $200 in two steps after submititng proper utliztion of fund.

CBET also gives scholarship to Bell High, Rideau High, Adult colelge, Merivale, Aborginal students and son, each gets $500.


Emdad Khan, president of a CRA Registered Charity, CBET

CBET scholarship.

We are honoured to be the recipient of CBET scholarship again. I would like to thank you all for your generous support. I already sent you the list of students who benefited from your scholarship and made good progress in their education. Their educational pursuits would not be possible without your support. Their dream of achieving higher education is moving forward because of CBET scholarship.

Thank you again for enabling this opportunity and for your continued generosity.

May Allah reward you abundantly for all the hard work you are doing for the poor but meritorious college students in Bangladesh.

Yours Sincerely; Prof. Abdul Baqui Choudhury; Principal,Jalalabad CollegeSylhet.

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