QC Hospital and SNMC, Councillor Jan Harder


QC Hospital, City Councillor and SNMC, Councillor Jan Harder

For each edition of the Canadian Dream I endeavour to provide articles on varying subjects that I think might interest you because they interest me. The topic of this edition was easy and heartfelt.

In this edition I wish to humbly thank you and speak a bit about why your efforts mean so much to me. When Dr. Khan told me that you, as a community, have raised over $14,500 for the Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) I was blown away. THANK YOU! Thank you for giving so generously to our community hospital.

As I looked ahead to my 20th year as a politician, first for the City of Nepean and now for the City of Ottawa, and always for Barrhaven – I wanted to do something meaningful, something that helped our community. I didn’t have to think very long before I knew exactly what I wanted to do. In my 20th year, I pledged to raise $100,000 for the QCH.

It is the hospital that is important to me, and important to the community in Barrhaven, and the west of Ottawa and clearly important to you.

It was just 40 years ago that the hospital sprung up from a farmer’s field. “Forty years ago, this hospital was pulled together from a number of volunteer community leaders, like Aubrey Moodie, Ben Franklin, Jean Pigott, Irving Greenberg,” Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation president and CEO Melanie Adams said. “There were a number of them who had a vision to pull from a farmer’s field a hospital for our community. It was an amazing success.”

40 years later the QCH continues to support by our community. The QCH strives to keep up with the needs of the community, and to actively find new and effective ways of approaching healthcare for the aging, for mental health, for childbirth and, really, for everyone.

For all in the west end of the City – this is the hospital we turn to for our bumps and our breaks. We go there for treatments for cancer. We visit the many speciality clinics to cure what ails us. And my favorite part of the hospital, besides the gift store, and believe me it has some great items – is where we wait in anticipation in the childbirth unit to meet our new family members.

Just last year – The QCH’s Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) unit was opened. It is a premier cutting edge facility that is the first of its kind in Eastern Ontario, and only the second in the province as a whole. The ACE unit takes a multi-disciplinary approach to treating geriatric patients, focusing on comfort and protecting patients with compromised immunities from traditional dangers of hospitals. This will make recovery faster and allow patients to return home with better function as well. The ACE Unit is changing how we deal with aging.

What has been amazing for me is how much the people I serve have come together in a way that we seldom see; truly, it has been humbling and wonderful. The efforts of the South Nepean Muslim Community have been outstanding. My thanks go out all of you in the SNMC community. Together we continue to support and grow our “little” community hospital that gives us state of the art care for all our residents.

I am truly humbled by your efforts! Thank you!

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