CBET Scholarship Awards Process and Accountability, by M A Jafar, Director, CBET Scholarship


CBET Scholarship Awards Process and Accountability

Our Mission: CBET is a non profit and  charitable organization that provides financial assistance to assist needy but meritorious students to continue higher education in higher secondary college, university, vocational and technical institutions without regard to race and religion n Canada and Bangladesh.

Achievements: Since 2013 it has provided about 600 scholarships of each $200 to Bangladesh college students and in technical institutions and 50 scholarships of $500 in Ottawa area High school. This year CBET will give bursaries to Ottawa University, Carleton University and Algonquin College students each of $1000.

In Ottawa, CBET has provided scholarships to students of Rideau High, Bell High, Merivale high school and Adult High school.

CBET provides scholarships to the student on the basis of financial conditions of parent / guardian and academic records of the past examinations. One scholarship will be reserved for orphan student for each college.

CBET scholarship process, procedures and accountability is asked by our supporters and that is our prime focus so that we deliver the fund properly to the needy students. We describe below the activities of different CBET committees to implement our objectives to help social development by helping needy person in education without regard to race and religion.

Process of selecting students: Each college has  5 members.

CBET Scholarship Committee: The college apply for scholarships has to a form a five members CBET scholarship committee with the Principal as chairman and professors to evaluate the applications and to verify all required documents like Secondary School certificates, marks sheet, family income certificates and reference letter. Open notice is given to the students through college notice board and college website to submit  CBET scholarship applications.

Accountability of the CBET scholarship committee of each college: To award scholarships to the eligible needy and meritorious students, the institution must follow an impartial and fair selection process to recommend applicants to CBET.

After the last date for application submission, the college CBET scholarship committee call a meeting and verify authentication of all the applications, certificates and completeness of the application and prepare a recommendation list of seven students in the prescribed form and to be signed by all the members. Principal sends all the applications  (7/8) with all documents from college email address or authorized email to CBET head office at Ottawa for final selection of the recipients.

 The institution must hold a CBET scholarship award ceremony in the college auditorium to handover the scholarships cheques to the students. The Principal will prepare and send a report mentioning how the student used the scholarship money and how the students got benefited.

Accountability of the Ottawa CBET Scholarship Committee: This committee verify all documents and on the basis of selection criteria and selects five candidates from the recommended lists  of 7/8 students sent from a college.

Accountability of CBET Ottawa office: We also submit each year audit report to CRA in Canada and a list of the name of the students who got CBET scholarships and list of the colleges received awards .

CBET Ottawa, Canada  awards five scholarships of each up to Taka 10,000 to the eligible students to an institution. On scholarship will be reserved for orphan student. CBET distributes fund via its Dhaka office by sending checks to each college written in the name of the actual students who are selected for scholarships.

Verification of the college and the students: CBET has a Bangladesh Government registered agent NGO M/s Surovi to verify the college and contact principals in Bangladesh and sends  account payee cheques for each selected students  to the principal. It is our requirement for the Principal to hand over the cheques to the students in a open public scholarship award ceremony.

Accountability to the Bangladesh Government: Every year CBET has to get financial permission from the Bangladesh Government in Dollar amount,  want  to disburse fund as scholarship to the educational institutions. On the basis of the approval from the Ministry of NGO Affairs Bureau, we send the fund to our account in Bangladesh from CBET BMO account to Surovi IFIC Bank account.  Every year CBET submit detailed report of how many and who got the scholarships in which colleges to the Ministry of NGO Affairs Bureau and audit report prepared by registered chartered accountant.

Feedback: We have received very positive feedback from all the colleges regarding the help we provide.

Comment & Feedback: You can leave your comments below or send email to info@CBET.ca


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