A few things you can do to make your Ramadan better, By S N Smith


A few things you can do to make your Ramadan better, By S N Smith

* Solidify your niyah and tell yourself you are going to do the best you
can during this month.

* Attend the Mosque at least once a day, especially Ishaa and taraweeh

* Increase the amount of your dua, dhikr and nawafal salat.

* Try to take at least a few days off from work if you can and devote that
time to ibadah and other acts of charity.

* Be patient with people. And if you have any hard feelings toward anyone,
just let it go as it is not important in the larger context.

* Be in a perpetual state of tawbah.

* When you lose your wudu immediately remake it, if you can.

* Eat a little at iftar time so that you can go for night prayers, and if
you are still hungry then eat some more when you get back home.

* Increase the amount of charity you give, especially to those in need.
Food banks always need donations. And don’t forget to support your local

* Read extra amounts of Quran, read good religious books from knowledgeable
and pious scholars and listen to uplifting Islamic lectures as much as you

* Whatever you decide to do, even if it is little, be consistent in it.
Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

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