Diameter of this Universe is 93 Billion light years. Diameter of this Galaxy Milky Way is 120 thousand light years.  Sun is located at a distance of 30, 000 light years from centre of Galaxy. Nearest Star is located at 93 Million miles away from Earth. 100 to 400 billion Stars are existing in this Galaxy.  Several thousand planets have been discovered till first quarter of 2017 in Milky Way Galaxy. Among this discovery, one hundred planets are found to be same size as Earth.  Among these hundred planets , nine planets are located at a distance from its Star (Sun),  same like the distance between Sun & Earth of this Solar System (Planet-Wikipedia). So there is very high probability of existence of living creatures in above type of nine planets, even same like Human being, less developed or more developed if it fulfills the other necessary conditions for the survival of living beings. The evidence of existence of planets in outer space which support living creatures will appear in course of time.

There is some signals about the  existence of living creatures in outer space at very long distance from Earth, that belongs to other Star which is available in Last Holy Book named by Quran & it was sent by GOD in 600 Century, where the messages are in pure form. The verses related to existence of living creatures in outer space are represented here.

Sura Shura 42/29 Among His Signs is the creation of Heavenly bodies  (Arabic-Shamawati) & Earth (Ardi) and all the living creatures (Arabic-Dabbatin) He has dispersed throughout them. He has the power to gather them all together, whenever He will.

In the above verse Heavenly bodies  or Arabic word  “Shamawati”, Living creatures or Arabic word “Dabbatin” & last part of verse “He has the power to gather them all together, whenever He will” needs some explanation.

“Shamawati” has been translated as “Heavens” only  by most of the translators, which is not appropriate & does not make any sense. The appropriate word will be “heavenly bodies” instead of “Heavens” only according to following verse.

Sura Rad 13/2 ALLAH (GOD) is He Who has raised the Heavens without any pillar (Amadin). This indicates that it has been raised without any support or more clearly heavenly bodies composed of mostly solid.

Living Creature or “Dabbatin” has been defined in following verse of Last Holy Book

Sura Nur 24/45 GOD has created all living creatures (Dabbatin) from water ,some crawl upon their bellies ,other walk on two legs & other walk on four.

In verse 42/29 it has been mentioned that , living creatures “Dabbatins” are located on Heavenly bodies or” Shamawati” & these creatures are moving by crawling, on two legs, four legs means “Shamawati” is composed of solid, liquid &  gas all together. So “Shaba Shamawati” means  seven  Heavenly bodies which can support living creatures.

The last part of the verse mention that these living creatures are separated  at such a long distance like several thousand light years (One light year equals to 5.9 Trillion miles) which has been mentioned above , that they  cannot be united by their own effort but by  the special favour of GOD, whenever He allows or approves it.  There is some invisible special arrangement by GOD  to connect planet which support living creatures belongs to one Star to the planet  inhabited by living creatures  belongs to other Star. The above invisible  inter Star connection has been mentioned in the following verse of Last Holy Book.

Sura Muminun 23/17 We have created seven paths (Arabic –Shaba Taraeq) above you (Faokakum), We have never been unmindful of Our Creation .

Probably the above tracks (invisible space Tunnels) which has been mentioned in the above verse are predicted by present astronomical scientists as “wormhole” in space through which aliens are coming to this Solar System from another Star that support  inhabitable planet. A wormhole is theoretical passage through space time, that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the Universe. A wormhole may connect extremely long distances such as a billion light years or more : Shortcut distance as few meters. Check by Google Search “Wormhole” Wikipedia.

Another verse, which indicates, there are seven inhabitable planets/places in outer space, that can support living creatures.

Sura Talaq 65/12 GOD is He, Who created seven Heavens (Shsba  Shamawatin) & they are similar( Arabic-Mislahunna ) to Earth. (Sura 2/29, 67/3,41/12,17/44,71/15,23/86, 65/12)

“Shaba Shamawati” or Seven Heavenly Bodies has been mentioned  in above seven Sura means seven times in Last Holy Book, which is surprise & amazing as some of above sura appeared  to Last prophet (Who was unlettered)  at the difference of several years but not together or very  frequently.

The above verse 65/12 indicates that GOD created “Shaba Shamawatin”(Seven Heavens) similar to Earth , means they can support living creatures  (Dabbatin) like Earth.

Sura 65/12 next sentence “His commandment, descends among them, so that you may know that, GOD has power over all things, and that He encompasses all things with His knowledge.”


So in Sura muminun 31/27 the seven roads or tracks that  has been mentioned are the seven connecting roads probably has commenced   from the inhabitable planet of  this Solar System & has terminated at seven different inhabitable  planets (“Shabba Shaawati) belongs to seven different medium size  Stars like Sun , in this Galaxy Milky way. These seven planets are similar to Earth & Earth itself are located in inhabitable zone of this Galaxy, which includes a Supper Massive Black hole at the center. The inhabitable zone is located at medium distance from centre of Galaxy but not at a very long distance means not nearer to outer most boundary of Galaxy or not at a very close distance from Super Massive Black hole. The orbit of Sun together with all of  its planets , the orbits of   medium size Stars, similar to Sun, which are supporting  seven inhabitable  planets (Shaba Shamawati), similar to Earth  are located most probably  in this inhabitable zone means possibly  in between 30 000 light years distance to 70 000 light years  distance at seven different levels  from the centre of Galaxy . Probably orbits  of  Massive Stars (Several hundred times more massive  than the mass of  Sun) are located at the outer most boundary of Galaxy or at a very  long distance from center of Galaxy  & the orbits of  Stars having comparatively  very low mass  are located near the center of the Galaxy. The orbit of  Sun with all its planets are located at the lowest level of inhabitable zone  means , nearest to central Black Hole with compared to other  stars  which are supporting the above seven inhabitable planets (Shaba-Shamawati).  The above conclusion has been drawn from, the statement in Sura 23/17 “The seven roads above you”. For example if this Sun would have been located in 3rd level of inhabitable zone of  this Galaxy, then the statement would have been “ five level above you”, as total no of levels is eight in inhabitable zone , including this Sun which supports Earth & all other planets of this Solar System.

There are only two inhabitable planets in this Solar System & these are Earth & Mars, but Mars is partially inhabitable (Oxygen, Nitrogen are insufficient. Absence of Water in liquid form, Insufficient air pressure etc.) .  Nearest to Sun the orbit of Mercury is located, then the orbit of Venus has been placed , then the next orbit has been occupied by Earth , then orbit of  Mars has been  located & all these four planets are solid or rocky small  planets.  The orbits of four Gaseous Giants planets have been located after Mars. In Mars water is available in ice form but it is located at polar region. Its atmosphere is hundred times thinner than atmosphere of Earth & air pressure is 6 mbar. Atmosphere consist of 95 % Carbon di Oxide, 2.7 % Nitrogen, 1.6 % Argon, 0.13 % Oxygen & 0.8 % CO. Minimum surface temperature is -143⁰C & maximum temperature is + 35⁰C. Duration of day is 24.7 Hours means in 24.7 Hours it completes one rotation on its axis. It has two satellites (Moon). It has two large basins, one basin is located in northern hemisphere & another is located in southern hemisphere from where, dust storm is created frequently. This dust covers the whole planet & stay in its atmosphere for few weeks. Largest mountain in this Solar system known as Olympus Mons & its height is more than 22 Km, which is located in Mars. This mountain has been developed by the irruption of volcanic lava . There is valleys, ridges, hills & plains. Mars looks as reddish planet as its surface contains iron oxide.

From above description it is clear that Mars is second inhabitable planet after Earth, as there is atmosphere consists of useful gases, water in ice form, duration of day is like Earth, temperature not very high & surface feature similar to Earth. So the above parameters make it most suitable for living for the developed creature coming from inhabitable planet of other Star. Although it is not suitable like Earth but its environment is very close to Earth than that of other   solid planets like Mercury & Venus. The above difference environment  can be adjusted as they will bring higher technology with them. At initial stage Mars will be more safe place for them than Earth as at initial stage there may exist  hostile relation &  it needs some time to develop the relation of cooperation with the inhabitant of Earth. So there is very high possibility of presence of alien originated from inhabitable planet that belongs to other Star with a suitable base in Mars.  Probably sometimes they are visiting from Mars to Earth to collect food or the ingredients of food & other essential components for survival. This journey in between two neighbouring  planets  is very easy for the aliens coming from  other Star due to advantage of low gravitation pull originated from very low mass of Mars  during ascending & descending on its surface. (Mass of Mars is ten time less than that of Earth)

There is one verse from Last Holy Book, which probably gives some signal about frequent  appearance of alien on Earth.

Sura Hadid 57/4 It is He Who created the Heavenly bodies & Earth in six phase or period  (Six phase  or Period-arabic- Sitta Yom) & then ascended the throne. He knows what enters the Earth & what comes out of it, what descend from sky (Arabic- Shama-e, means nearest sky) & what ascend to it. He is with you, wherever you are, He sees all that you do.

(Arabic word “Yom” is not normal 24 hours day-night. 24 Hours night –day has been  mentioned by another Arabic word” Laila wa Nahara” (Sura Bani Israel  17/12, Imran 3/190, Eunus 10/6) which is constant  in Holy Quran. But  Arabic word “yom” is  “thousand years” in Sura Haj 22/47 & in  Sura Sajda 32/5, it is ” fifty thousand years” in Sura Ma-arij 70/4 & it  may be more or less means it is variable in Holy Quran. Six construction phases will be discussed in detail in subsequent article & it is beyond the scope of this article. )

So there is possibility of Mars to qualify for  behaving  like celestial port for inter Star movement by developed living creatures in this Galaxy, Which is assumed from the term “What descend from sky & what ascend to it” in Sura 57/4 . A seaport, airport is located at the boundary of a city not within the city. In the same way , Mars is most suitable to behave like a celestial port in  this Solar System for inter Star movement  as this planet is located at the outermost boundary of  terrestrial  or solid planets & it is  fourth or  last rocky planet from the Sun after which four Gaseous giant planets has been placed.

In the light of above description  the beginning & end  or starting & finishing  points  of above seven tracks mentioned in Sura Muminun ,23/17 ,that has been  predicted by modern astronomical scientists as “wormhole” may exist somewhere  in Mars, which will  be discovered , may be  in future after successful journey by human being to this planet & after the installation of  a  permanent suitable   Space station  there. The verse describes  that “Seven tracks above you”. This  part “above you” or upward  (Arabic- Faokakum – a direction opposite to the direction of Gravitational attraction of Sun )  gives a strong  signal, towards last solid planet  Mars as its  orbit is located after the orbit of Earth towards the periphery of this Solar System, because rest of the orbits of  four gaseous planets  has been placed after the orbit of  Mars & on the surface of  above four gaseous planets  human being or alien from inhabitable planet that belongs to  other Star  cannot place their foot.

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