SNMC Vision, Development, Implementation Time line, Dr Emdad Khan


SNMC Vision, Development, Implementation Time line, Dr Emdad Khan

1997 June:  Home based Musallah: Dr Emdad Khan with his wife Asma Khan, snmc dreamer, and four children moved to Barrhaven and started once in a week in the evening meeting and maghrib Salah at his home. Over the next 20 years, they with lot of volunteers and donors established SNMC community and mortar brick SNMC masjid and center

1998 July: Start of Jockvale Musallah: We took local telephone directory and called Muslim sounding names and obtained permission from the Nepean city to use community building at 3131 Jockavale Road to hold a first gathering. On a Friday evening, 8/10 brothers showed up and we provided Timbits, pop and water. We negotiated with the city of Nepean to allow us to meet  once in a week at the evening prayer time

1998 October: Community Outreach and Monthly Potluck: Fascinated by Barrhaven lions club and Nepean seniors, we started Monthly potluck dinner in October 1998 with 8/10 families.

1999 June: First Bank Account and City Grant: We obtained $750 grant for celebrating year 2000 from city of Nepean and opened first community account with BMO

1999 September: Tutoring High School Students: To help the immigrant children in English, French, Mathematics and Science subjects we started 3 times in a week tutoring for High school students with a small monthly payment and with university students as tutors.

2000 January: SNMC Weekend Islamic School: We founded snmc Sunday school with 10 students and 4 teachers encouraged by seeing a day care at 3131 Jockvale Road building.

2002 November: Ramadan Tarawee and Eid Party: In 2002 we started Tarawee prayer in Jockvale 3 to 4 days, and 3 to 4 days by rotation in different houses. We used to hold a potluck Eid party and special gift for kids

2003 Summer and Fall Pre-Eid Festival and Picnic: We started organizing pre-Eid Festival in Bayshore Minto center by renting out stall to vendors for $20 and started summer picnic in Andrew Haydon Park

2003 March: Start of Five Salah: With about 10 brothers, with wisdom, got authorization d form Nepean city and started five regular salah.

2005 March: Start of Jumah Salah: With sign up of 20 plus musallees and having few bothers to give by rotation, we started Jumah salah and gradually it increased and until later years we had to do 2 shifts of 200 each.

2005 October Registration: We gathered in the house of Dr Mukarram Al-Zaidi in Ramadan and agreed to get SNMC registered

2006 March Non-profit Registration: SNMC registered with Industry Canada as Non-profit Organization with Industry Canada

2007 January CRA Charity Registration: SNMC obtained CRA Charity registration on January 1, 2007

Dr Emdad Khan was president, Abdul Rahman Syed was Secretary and Dr Ismail Kaka was treasurer.

2007 January: Start of Weekly Newsletter: With Br Wahed Ali, with 50 subscribers, we started 1st newsletter in yahoo group, then google group, then constant contact and now web based with 5,000 subscribers.

2007 June First Fund Raising and pledge forms: On June 7, snmc hold its fist Annual Fund Raising at Centurion Banquet hall with Sk Ahmad Shebab as speaker and raised nearly $100,000. Over all We raised net $250,000 in 2007.

We introduced beautiful pledge forms and standing Banners. Over the years distributed over 25,000 different of pledge forms all over Canada and varieties of posters and banners

2008 March: Sisters, Youth Programs and Friday Evening Lectures: With Dr Asma and Sister Shazia, we stated organizing Sunday sisters halaqa, also rented Walter Baker hall for sisters and youths gathering and regular weekly lecture on Friday evening at Jockvale by inviting local scholars. Used to give cookies to kids and Pizza to all attendees.

2008 June Fund Raising Trips Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver: We started calling masjids in different cities specially Montreal and Toronto and used to motivate and take multi ethnic volunteers who would take Friday off and visited 3-4 masjids in one trip would get 8k/10K donation per trip per month

2009 January Office Manager: In January 2009 Br Wais joined as first part time SNMC manager with a cellphone and email In 2017 Br Omer is full time manager and br Said is part time officer.

2009 February: Birth of UMO-OG: With the start of war in January between Israel and Palestine and to avoid scheduling conflict for fund raising for Palestine and masjid, four persons with modest objective launched the UMO-OG (United Muslim Organizations -Ottawa Gatineau), Dr Abdellah Sabber of Gatineau masjid, Dr Emdad Khan of SNMC, Br Fariz Elchamaa of Ottawa Masjid and br Ihsan Sindhu of Jami Omer.

2009 March: Project Committee, Land Search and Purchase of 3.2 acres at 3020 Woodroffe: SNMC defined few criteria easy access, institution zone, at least 3 acres and started looking for a land or building. In 2009, snmc won open bid for the land at 3020 Woodroffe Ave at a cost of $1,050,000.

2009 June: SNMC Year Book.  Under prime ship of Br Sultan, snmc started a new idea of collecting articles from scholars, authors and getting advertisement from local business to generate fund and also publicize SNMC, to bring out a year Book. It fetched up to $10K as revenue, a net of $6K after cost of printing. In 2017, it will be 11th issue of SNMC Year Book

2010 March Innovating Fund Raising: PayPal, you tube, Debit Machine: with 31st March 2010 closing with city and getting inspired by election of Obama as USA president, snmc released 1st you tube [}  in March seeking $300,000 to close the bid with city of Ottawa.

Also, introduced online donation by PayPal and introduced debit credit machine. Also, introduced donation boxes at home and stores and prayer spot and building block concepts.

2010 April Project Site service and building permit: Formed a project committee with Br Sami Qadan, Dr Emdad, Br A R. Syed and few others. Hired geotechnical consultant, building architect and site service consultant and by March 31, 2010 submitted site service plan, followed by building design and in 2011 September, we received from the city, site service permission and building permit

2011 August: Hiring Fund Raiser and Spiritual Leader: As SNMC community activities increased, fund raising intensified, we persuaded BOD and community to hire a fulltime person for fund raising and spiritual guidance and helping with the family issues. We introduced bonus for fund raising based on high tech principle.  SNMC hired Dr Zijad Delic on August 1, 2011 and faced obstacles before and after the hiring. But he helped in raising fund and providing organized Friday Jumah khutbah and Friday lectures along with multiethnic local scholars

2012 March SNMC Center & Masjid Features: Entrance and Exit from Woodroffe and back side from Spring Beauty. Visible display sign and building from Woodroffe. Main prayer hall and multi purpose community hall/Gym integrated, large side by side men and women entrance with two large lobby. Easy Access to building and women floor by stairs and elevator. Washrooms are outside the main masjid in basement for men and women. Four large basement halls for class rooms as well as renting to community. A large parking lot with enough space for handicapped.

2012 March Site service and Building Contractor: By Open bid of 10 selected contactors, snmc awarded site service to Tomlinson and building to McDonald Brothers with 2 years’ mandate.  Big challenges for fund raising, marketing, design and supervision on weekly basis. We released regular online video by br Shahid Khan and pictures by Br Wahed Ali.

2014 December Occupancy permit: In 2013 and 2014 we worked day and night, quit job to give full time for snmc project. We ran out of fund, and with the mercy of Allah (SWT) from the community and the contractor, borrowed over $2.5Million in addition to active fund raisding by trips to different cities with multi ethnic community, Imam and myself and marketing by regular weekly newsletter, site  pictures and you tube. We worked with general contractor, architect and snmc project committee as a full volunteer time contractor and project manager, made 5/6 attempt to get city occupancy permit starting June 2014. In each attempt, we narrowed the remaining requirements and Al-Hamdu Lillah, we received occupancy permit on 17 December 2014

2015 January Grand Opening: Al-Hamdu Lillah SNMC organised grand opening ceremony on January 5, 2015 attended, despite harsh winter weather by over 1,000 persons, donors, volunteers, elected representatives and Ottawa Gatineau community leaders and imams, [}

2015 December Interior Design: IN 2015 furnished the building with carpets, tables, chairs and  made the community hall as a workable sports center and usable event hall. We continued to do fund raising and paying off loan

2016 February New President: At  12th AGM, Dr Nabil Bouzaba took over as the 2nd President of SNMC and Dr Emdad Khan became executive director to continue helping in project , fund raising and paying off loan

2016 September Site Service and Landscaping: In 2016 snmc put grass, plants, trees to meet the city requirements and to get back $300K blocked fund. Site service plan was passed but landscaping still pending and major portion of fund was released which helped to pay off part of loan.

2016 March Funeral Service: Started a fully functional and equipped funeral service for washing and burial. In one year, we processed and helped over 20 families in the final journey and farewell of close relatives

2017 February 3rd President: After completion of only one year of three-year term, because of family requirements, Dr Nabil resigned end of February after the completion of 13th AGM. Br Raheem Uddin Syed took over as the 3rd president of SNMC.

2017 April BBQ Quran Sports Bazaar: SNMC competed 12th Annual BBQ, Quran Completion, Annuals Bazaar and sports completion participated by over 2,500 persons in a festive mood

2017 April 12th Annual Dinner and Land scaping: SNMC is preparing for its 12th Annual Dinner, Volunteers and scholarship awards program. We are also working on landscaping to get city approval.

2017 April SNMC loan: SNMC loan stands as of today to $285K from a peak of $2.5 Million

1997 -2017 Volunteers and Donors. Over the last 20 years’ hundreds of brothers and sisters worked as volunteers for all the 30 plus monthly programs and activities and fund raising efforts and thousands of brothers and sisters across Canada donated to this project a total of  $8.5Million.




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