CBET: What and Why? Dr Emdad Khan, Ottawa


CBET: What and Why? Dr Emdad Khan

We are mostly immigrants or children of immigrants in Canada. We primarily migrated into this cold country for better economic life and better education for our children. We also feel for back home people. We have two identities, Canadian citizens of Bangladesh background. We are here but also feel we should do some thing for back home as we are working and contributing into Canadian Societies.

Education is power, it gives a person opportunity to develop skills to get a decent job, take care of oneself  and the family. He/she has opportunities to have a house and a decent life style, take care of the health and education of his/her own children.

CBET [ www.CBET.ca , a registered Canadian Charity, CRA No 80114 6101 RR0001] gives us an opportunity to support education of needy students in Canada and Bangladesh by providing scholarships. CBET spends 90% of its donated fund in Bangladesh but spends 10% of the fund in Canada, as Bangladesh students’ need is more, as well the Canadian students have alternatives.

We observe in print media and social media; the world is in turmoil and we are not able to do any thing. But CBET provides all of us an opportunity to change for better, the life of needy students here in Canada as well as in Bangladesh. We say, we can not solve the complex issues in the world but each one of us can change the life of one family by helping in the education of one needy student.

If we have a good job, earn good money, have good house and good life style, we are successful in life. With this, if we donate a portion of our earning to a charity for a good cause or volunteer our spare time helping in a charity, we will have peace of mind as we will be benefiting and changing the life by helping the needy.  We can donate or volunteer to a charity to give food or medicine but if we help in a charity for giving support in education then the needy will get education and will get a decent job. He will become a contributing citizen and take care of himself/herself and his/her family and help the society and needy persons. So, it becomes more satisfying and more beneficial if we donate our money or volunteer our time with a charity organization engaged in education. CBET give us such an environment.

CBET was born in August 2012 with the dedication and effort of a group of Bangladeshi Canadians. From 2013 -2017, CBET has offered 600 scholarships of $200 each in rural college students of Bangladesh as well as 50 scholarships of $500 each to graduating high school students in Ottawa Gatineau. So, we may state CBET in the last 5 years has impacted the life of 600 families in Bangladesh and 50 families in Canada.

CBET has also created a monthly forum where 20/30 families meet once in a month in a house or in a community center: provides an opportunity to youths to know their heritage and develop strong moral and ethics to integrate in Canadian Society as contributing citizens and also provides for adults to socialize in a family friendly atmosphere and enjoy ethnic food and also discuss how they can contribute to Canadian society and give back to the education of back home needy students.

As new Canadians, when we came here, we had dreams and aspirations but we faced challenges in new land and new culture. We struggled few months to few years to establish us in this new land. CBET publishes an on-line magazine, [ www.canadiandream.cbet.ca  ] which likes to capture those dreams, aspirations and challenges how we overcame those issues and established us to become contributing new citizens.  So CBET requests,  all new Canadians irrespective of ethnic or faith or no faith back ground to share those stories for the benefit of other new Canadians to give them home for their life and fulfil their dreams in this land of new opportunities [ Send  stories of  our life success and challenges to info@CBET.ca]

Canada is officially a successful multicultural country. One can practice his/her faith as well as enjoy and share the ethnic culture and languages. As  the founder of www.SNMC.ca , we run on Saturdays an international school to teach new Canadian children, their back-home mother tongues, Bangla, Urdu, Somali, Dari and Arabic along with their faith, basics of peaceful, merciful and compassion of Islam.

As Bangladeshi Canadians, we established, a TV channel under Rogers TV Channel 22, every month 3rd Sunday 9am, named, Bangladesh Window, to show Bangla Culture, language as well as contributions of young, adults and matured men and women of Bangla heritage as professors, writers, engineers scientists in Canadian society.

CBET also created a portal www.Bangla.cbet.ca to capture and preserve the sacrifice, success, challenges and contributions of first generation Bangladeshi Canadians. If you know some early generation Bangladesh engineers, scientists and professional, we will be glad to record and preserve their life and achievements as Canadians.

To foster and contribute to the Canadian mosaic of multicultural, CBET also built an alliance with different ethnic community organizations, diverse Muslim Organizations by participating and contributing in those activities.

CBET as part of its outreach and engagement, developed and maintains cordial relationships with Ottawa city mayor and councillors, provincial MPPs and Federal MPs across Ottawa from Orleans to Nepean to Kanata. All three level elected representatives happy join CBET events and activities.

CBET joined hands with other diverse Muslim organizations [ UMO-OG] in 2016 summer and together donated $65,000 via Canadian Red Cross to the fire victims of Fort McMurray in Alberta.

CBET also aligns with the aspiration of Canada First nations community. CBET contributed to preserve the Ottawa first nations heritage and shelter in Ottawa. CBET gives scholarship to Ottawa High schools graduating students and makes sure, the First Nation High school in Canada’s capital is one of them.

CBET in 2016 hired two summer students and in 2017 hired 4 summer students with grant from federal govt and hired multi ethnic students. The process helps CBET as well as gives job opportunities to community children.

CBET celebrates Canada Day as well as Bangladesh Independence Day. CBET celebrates Muslim festivals, hosts multi ethnic Iftar party as well as Bangla festivals, Multi ethnic Pitha festivals. Holds Youth conference as well as Parenting workshop for guiding parents in upbringing children in Canadian Society.

We like to hear from you and learn from you in enhancing Canadian Multi cultural society. Also in turn you can learn from CBET, how to integrate with Canadian Society keeping own identity, ethics, morality and heritage and  at the end become successful,  contributing and  law abiding Canadian citizen.

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