Eleven Planets Solar System,Engineer Mir Akter Hossain, Toronto


ELEVEN PLANETS SOLAR SYSTEM,Engineer  Mir Akter Hossain, Toronto

The structure of Solar System related to total number of planets in it is in a process of continuous change. The location of Earth & Sun in this structure has been changed since the ancient time, especially before 1400 century & afterward. Before 1400 century, the model of Solar System was represented by placing Earth at the centre. Then the orbit of Moon, then orbit of Mercury, then orbit of Venus, then orbit of Sun, then orbit of Mars, then orbit of Jupiter, then orbit of Saturn was placed.  Nicolas Copernicus was the first astronomical scientist who represented the model of the Solar System having Sun at its centre during 1473 to 1543. In this model Sun is at centre, then orbit of mercury, then 2nd position occupied by  the  orbit of Venus  , then 3rd is the  orbit of Earth with Moon as its satellite, 4th is the orbit of Mars, 5th is the orbit of Jupiter, & 6th position is occupied by the orbit of Saturn. So after 1400 century the total number of planets were six by considering Earth as a planet also which rotate together with other five planets surrounding Sun at the centre until the discovery of Giant gaseous planet Uranus in 1781.With the technological development another Giant gaseous planet Neptune in 1846 & another solid small planet Pluto was discovered in 18 February/ 1930. Since 1930 after the discovery of Pluto, the total number of planets in this Solar system was considered to be  nine until 2006. In 2006 International Astronomical Union decided to reject Pluto as a planet, as it lacks the characteristic of planet & finally they declared that the total number of planets in this Solar System is eight. There is difference of opinion still exist related to total number of planets in this Solar System  among the scientists .

In the light of above description the solution to above problem is probably available in Last Holy Book & previous Holy Book also. There is some indirect & hidden indication in Holy Quran & Holy Bible related to total number of planets in this Solar System that appear in following verse.

Statement in Holy Quran

Sura Eusuf 12/4 When Eusuf told his father “My father , I saw eleven (Ahada Ashara)  Planets (Kaokaban) and the Sun (Shamsha)  and Moon (Qamara), I saw them prostrate ( Shajidin)  themselves before me.”

Statement in Holy Bible

Genesis 37/9 Then he had another dream & he told it to his brothers. Listen, he said, “I had another dream and this time the sun and moon and eleven stars were bowing down to me.”

In above verse of Sura 12/4 the Arabic word “Kaokaban” has been translated as “Stars” by most of the translators which is not correct. English translation of “Kaokaban” is planets.  The Arabic word for Star is “Najam” which has not been used in the verse of Sura 12/4.( Anybody can check it , by writing “Arabic word for planet & Star” in Google search box.)

In fact Holy Quran was revealed in 600 century, when people had knowledge that, this  Solar System has got five planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn), excluding Earth.  Probably   Earth was not considered  as a planet at that time.  Direct & clear announcement of eleven planets Solar System may create some conflict in between   believers & non-believers of  that time.  So the truth of the statement & the way of its representation proves that this book was revealed from GOD , Almighty , Who has full knowledge of all creation.

The statement in Genesis 37/9 related to “Eleven Stars” should be replaced by “Eleven planets” as most probably in Hebrew Bible the words appear there “Eleven Planets” but  not “Eleven Stars”, because both the Holy Books are coming from same GOD.

From the above description it is clear that there are in total eleven planets in this Solar System , among which  three  are missing planets which will be discovered in course of time. Probably these missing planets belong to solid planets or terrestrial planets group. Some of them may be exploded & appeared as asteroid belt somewhere & revolve around Sun. Another option is the results of collision with another massive celestial object causes  it to throw out  from its orbit & attracted by enormous  gravitation pull  of massive giant planets like Jupiter (Consist of at least 67 Moons)  , Saturn (Consist of at least 62 Moons)  etc & finally it rotate as satellite around the Giant planet. For example, diameter of satellite or Moon named by Ganymede of Jupiter is 5262 Km, Moon of Saturn named by Titan has diameter 5150 Km, whereas smallest planet Mercury has a diameter 4879 Km. Also it might happen that after appearing as a satellite it explode there & appeared as a belt of stone or ring like the ring of Saturn. Also it may exist as undiscovered solid or Gaseous planet. Or it has not been identified yet as planet for some unknown event or reason which is beyond the Human knowledge. So total number of planets in this Solar System, is eleven according to Holy Books revealed by GOD Almighty, which will be proved by astronomical scientists in course of time.


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