Self-accountability By: Farook Aman, Ottawa


Self-accountability By: Farook Aman, Ottawa

Inspiration- When we write and publish articles, and when an artist paints and when a poet recites a poem, all those functions come under the common element of inspiration. The writer, the painter and the poet will be inspired by the inner feelings that would gush out from the overwhelming desire to write about one subject or another. Similarly, the painter will be inspired by the vision and imagination to produce a self-satisfactory production that would create pleasure to look at and enjoy its artistic and gratified content. A poet is usually inspired by the inner feelings which would translate into an explosion of beautiful expressions and often from raw wisdom. No doubt some may enjoy the end result while others may trash it.

Yes, in our lives, we have many challenges, similar to those of a singer trying to put a musical beauty. All comes from within our human body to a self-satisfactory level that would hopefully allow others to enjoy and share.

Another example is the love / hate status of students to their teacher regardless of the teacher’s sincere cognizance to produce a virtuous future generation.

Worshipping-Worshipping is to obey our creator and to feel at peace with oneself. The performance of worshiping will start with the very moment that we commence to perform wadoo i.e. clean body and soul (for Muslims) write down to when we head to the prayer mate at home or when we head to the masjid ( mosque ). In the process of going to the masjid, we may encounter less traffic on the road and proceed with ease and gratification. On the other hand, we may encounter traffic challenges. We therefore have to maintain sabr (patience) and negotiate a safe drive to the masjid.

Parking: Arriving at the masjid location, it is a must duty to park the car without infringing on the rights of others who will perform salah  ( prayers) shoulder to shoulder with us. Unfortunately, we witness day in and day out the lack of patience displayed by a few who fail to take appropriate steps to do the very best, including how we should park our vehicles. Friday salah is one good example where we have inconsiderate drivers who have little, if any, regards to others.

The Imams would announce the countless blessings in attending to Jummah (Friday) Salah (prayers) and the degree of God’s approval and the showering of blessings by doing the right thing. The majority of the worshippers would follow the best advice and strive to do better in order to reflect a shining impact on non-Muslims. But it is those very few who think that they can do whatever would suit them without regard or being conscious to the rights of others. It is those who create a negative image to all Muslims.

We have prayed and continue to pray that may God show these people the right path in their entire life functions. No doubt, these people are good Muslims and would be jealous and protective about Islam. However, regrettably, they fail miserably in accepting to fall in line with the majority of noble Muslims. While good behaviours and good habits make others notice with admiration, bad bahaviours and bad habits reflect negatively on the whole Muslim Ummah (nation). It is our duty to make them realize what they do is wrong and unacceptable. Accompanying friends and relatives should encourage them to follow the best route to achieving Gods acceptance and blessings.

Fajr Salah– ( Dawn Prayers), at SNMC, almost the same faces show up for Fajr salah. Brother, Abu AlQods, Dr Hashem and Brother Abdul Hafez usually lead the salah with some of the most beautiful Quranic recitation. Inspired by such long and beautiful recitation, one cannot help but fill the eyes with tears of joy and closeness to Allah, subhanahu wa tala ( Glory to Allah) . After performing the salah, we will witness true Muslims greeting each other. Smiling faces and top level of mutual respect often fill the air. Upon exiting the masjid, we often would witness the summer and winter skies with endless colours of beauty and serenity, as the day light attempts to break through the darkness providing a new day and a new life for those who wish to enjoy and be positive. It also provides a similar wish to all humans and other creatures, including those who fail to walk the right path and gain God’s blessings.

Muslim duty-The top priority of a Muslim is to worship Allah as one Creator who has no son, father, etc. 

Then we have to say good, do well and follow the right path irrefutably. That means doing the right thing at all times and at all places in order to gain the blessings of Allah. Islam is a way of life; a system for those who accept peace, love and respect for oneself and for others, no matter what faith they may track.

There are volunteers who take time to come early to ensure the safety of others when directing local traffic. A name that comes to mind is the devoted brother, Shaikh Tariq, who would stand under the blistering heat of the sun in the summer and under the snow blizzard storm in the winter. How can we thank him? Yet there are others who are oblivious of such amenity but would attempt to squeeze the car at a spot that is not safe for others. And when Br. Tariq tries to redirect them, they become furious and sheepishly ignorantly challenging!

These are ignorant behaviours that should not be displayed by a person who is heading to perform his prayers. Non-Muslim neighbours often watch and examine what we may do or say and will no doubt form their respective opinion; negative / positive image?

It is also our duty to ensure that the reception area of all Masajids (Mosques) be clean, tidy and that shoes should be placed on the appropriate shelves. We often receive visitors from all faiths. The reception area is the first site that leads to the Prayer Hall. It is indeed the face of the masjid.

Conclusion-No matter what and how we wish to progress and display a worthy image, it is the inspiration of self–accountability of each individual which would bring about forward positive results.

Nations progress when each individual is conscious of his / her short comings and corrects them.

May Allah bless us all and may He put us through the right path.. Ameen   

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