Ottawa Celebrating Canada 150 Years, Councillor Jan harder, City of Ottawa


Ottawa Celebrating Canada 150 Years, Councillor Jan harder, City of Ottawa

This Summer may not have broken any records for heat or sunny days but it did have many highs with all the activities that took place here in Ottawa.  Canada celebrated 150 years as a nation and the country celebrated from coast to coast.    Ottawa was at the forefront in celebrating this special year.  Many unique events took place – who can forget the battle between Long Ma and Kumo, the giant creatures from La Machine that roamed downtown Ottawa this Summer?  Despite the weather, this was the year to become a tourist in your own backyard!  As the Summer comes to an end, the activities may be waning but they are not over yet.  Ottawa hosts the Grey Cup this November which will undoubtedly bring lots of tourists and business.  December brings us the NHL 100 Classic where we can cheer on our favourite team the Sens.

However, it’s not all fun and games folks!  For the second year in a row, MoneySense Magazine has named Ottawa as the best place to live (July 2017).  This may come as a surprise to others in Canada who have typically seen Ottawa as an outdated government town that “fun forgot.”  Here in Ottawa we have been privy to all the exciting changes that have been happening in the last few years.  This news isn’t a surprise to us.  We are growing rapidly and grabbing the attention of national and international industries.  This translates to more jobs and a better quality of living.  Ottawa’s unique location of having Natural surroundings only 20 minutes away adds to its attractiveness to any person or business looking to invest in a place to live and work that is a matchless balance of cosmopolitan and natural worlds.

Furthermore, a poll conducted by Mainstreet Research placed Ottawa as the safest city in Canada.  Although there is always room to make our city and citizens safer, this is positive news for those who are considering making their home here.

Barrhaven has developed at an unprecedented rate.  Since the last census, 29% of all growth in Ottawa has occurred in our backyard, with 21% of that growth south of the Jock River.   With the influx of new homes and new businesses, we are on the cusp of even bigger and better things.  The Muslim community plays a significant role in this growth – there are now 15 000 Muslims who call Barrhaven home.  It is vital to have an environment of inclusion as well as contribution from its multicultural citizens.  This way, Barrhaven can continue to grow progressively and I think we are doing that very well.

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