Please Join 5th Annual CBET FRD: Sunday 5.30pm October 29th at SNMC 3020 Woodroffe Ave


Dear Brothers and Sisters, As-salamu Alykum Wa Rahmatullah and Wa Barakatuhu. Let the Peace, Mercy and Blessing of Al-Mighty God be with you.

InshaAllah 5th Annual CBET FRD on Sunday 5.30 pm Oct 29th at SNMC 3020 Woodroffe Ave. It is an opportunity to enjoy an evening in a multi ethnic social environment, with nice dinner.

Guest Speaker, distinguished educationist, Dr Abdalla Idris, ED, ISNA, Canada.

Tickets: $30, Students and Kids (5+):$20,  Chidren : Under 5 Free

We will be able to help change lives for less fortunate, needy and orphans by giving them opportunity to have higher education in Ottawa Canada and Bangladesh.

CBET will honour distinguished volunteers for outstanding community services

Al-Hamdu Lillah CBET since 2013 has awarded over 600 scholarships of  $120,000 in  Bangladesh, each $200 and 50 scholarships of $25,000, in Ottawa Gatineau , Canada, each of $500 each

We thank CBET donors, volunteers and well-wishers.

Yes, we cannot change the world, but we can change the lives of one or more families for better. We can donate online at, $200 for one scholarship by PayPal, MC and visa to sponsor one student.

In 2016,  Oct 2nd, the  4th Annual CBET FRD at snmc was attended by two MPs Chandra and Andrew, councillor Qaqish,  Ex-Deputy Mayor Steve and Imam Anver Malam and a good number of dignitaries along with 200 guests.


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