President’s Message, CBET 5th Annual Fund Raising Dinner at snmc, Dr Emdad Khan


President’s Message,CBET 5th Annual Fund Raising Dinner at snmc, Dr Emdad Khan

As salamu Alykum wa Rahmatullah, let peace and blessing of God to you all.

We warmly welcome our honored guests, donors, volunteers and well-wishers.

CBET, a Canadian registered charity, is diverse and inclusive.

We know world is complex and in turmoil we cannot solve those problems such Rohingya issue.

CBET in March 2017 with SNMC and HCI donated $25,000 for Rohingya Refugees. Only 2 weeks before, In October 2017, SNMC donated $60,000 via HCI, Islamic Relief and IDR and CBET team itself donated over $3,000.

But we can all change many lives by giving scholarships to needy students in Ottawa and Bangladesh to get higher education. To make them law abiding and contributing citizens to the family and community. So far in last 5 years, in a visible and transparent way, CBET supported 50 students in Ottawa with $500 each and over 600 students in Bangladesh with $200 each.

In 2017 CBET aim to give 250 scholarships in Bangladesh and 10 in Ottawa-Gatineau by raising $50,000.

we all can change one or more life by donating $200 from earning, Zakat or Sadaqa, get CRA Tax receipts and reward from our creator almighty God,

God says, Have you seen him who denies the Day of Judgement? (1) That is he who repulses the orphan (harshly),[] (2) And urges not on the feeding of the needy),[] (107.3) Alm’aun.

In Sura Insaan 76.8 & 9, He stated, And they give food in spite of love for it to the needy, the orphan, and the captive. [Saying], “We feed you only for the countenance of God . We wish not from you reward or gratitude.
Sponsoring scholarship is the best investment of our money for the society and our own life here and hereafter

CBET also works with youths to integrate in society as contributing Canadian Citizens with a sense of belonging with strong moral and ethics.

CBET publishes the monthly magazine Canadian Dream with readership of 2,000, describing success & challenges of new Canadians for the benefit of other Canadians.

CBET airs monthly TV channel Window Bangladesh, under Rogers TV Channel 22

We can donate to CBET on line at by PayPal, MC, Visa and Amex

We thank our volunteers and donors for giving their valuable time and money. I am grateful to my wife Asma Khan who sacrificed so that I could dedicate time & energy for CBET & SNMC.

Please enjoy the evening and forgive us for our shortcomings and May God bless us all.  Ameen!

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