Holy Quran is a Miraculous Book which is not a function of space & Time, Engineer Mir Akter Hossain


Holy Quran is a miraculous Book which is not a function of space & Time, Engineer Mir Akter Hossain

Sura  Bani Israel  17/88 Say, “If all men & jinn gathered together to produce like of the Quran they could not produce one like it, however much they helped one another

There is some fundamental difference of Holy Quran with other Holy Scriptures’

Quran is the only religious book in which every chapter has been started by the name of GOD or the creator of the Universe’

The messenger or prophet through whom the book appeared to human being, his biography does not appear there & his name, events of his life is not highlighted in the book. The events in the  life of previous prophets &  their names  are highlighted.

The chapters are named by different nonliving creatures like Moon (Sura 54), Sun (Sura 91), Stars (sura 53)-(All Celestial objects), terrestrial creature or minerals like iron (Sura 57) , gold (Sura 43)  , living creature or animal Like cow (Sura 2).  An-aam-four footed animal -(Sura 6), Plants (Sura Naba no 78 Vegetable), ant (Sura 27), spider (Sura 29)-  ( both  are crawling creature), bee  (Sura 16)- (flying creature), human (Sura 76)-walk on two foot  , prophet  & world famous historical man like Abraham (pbu)-(Sura 14), Sura 12 Eusuf/Joseph-  a prophet  & some other prophets  – Anbia – ( Sura  21), spiritual being like , jinn (Sura-72). The  above structure of whole book does not coincide with any other religious book. Also there is laws & commands given by GOD which is to be followed by human being to get peace in this World & salvation in after world

Sura Haj 22/18 Do you whoever in Heavenly bodes & Earth  as well as the Sun , the moon ,the Stars and mountains & trees and the animals & many human beings – all submits to GOD .

In the above verse the sequence of words is very interesting. The order of words  are as follows – Sun, Moon , Stars all are celestial but nonliving, mountains is  terrestrial but nonliving  means belongs to former group as nonliving, trees are living creatures &  more  developed than previous non living creatures but less developed than  animal group . then animal more developed than trees  but less developed  than Human, then human more developed than plants and are terrestrial.

In almost all the other Scriptures except last Holy Book  the glory of God has been reduced or He has been opposed by representing the description of appearance of GOD in Human form  .  Any  spiritual being cannot be insulted & beaten, cannot  be defeated in wrestling, he cannot be  killed ,  his  character cannot be shown as immoral, his birth cannot be polluted etc until he appear in human form, which has happened in almost all the  other Scriptures except  Last Holy Book .  Holy Quran reject the event of appearance of GOD in Human shape or in the form of any living & non living  creature  in following verse.

Sura Ikhlas  112/1  Say, He is GOD 112/2 GOD the self-sufficient one 112/3 He does not give birth, nor was He born 112/3 there is nothing like Him



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