Mysterious, miraculous, ordinary & extra ordinary number, Engineer Mir Akter Hussain, Toronto


Mysterious, miraculous, ordinary & extra ordinary number, Engineer Mir Akter Hussain, Toronto

Any number composed by one digit or two digits or three digits or four digits or any number of digits without any limit & if it is multiplied by 9 or 99 or 999 or 9999 or any number of digits composed by 9 without any limit will produce the combination of digits  in such a pattern so that summation of final digits  (may be by single digital operation or by multiple digital operation like above) will always produce the digit 9. Other digit 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8 does not reflect the above pattern after multiplication followed by  digital operation. So 9 is an unique miraculous single digit number.

Characteristic of digit 1

If any number is multiplied by 1, then the original number will be produced . For example 7 X 1 =7, 27X1 =27, 537 X1= 537 etc. But if  2, 3,4,5,6,7, 8 (Ordinary number) is multiplied with other number, then different number will be generated but not the original number. For example 7 x 2 = 14, 27 X 2 =54, 537 X 2 =1074, 7X 3 =21, 27X3 =81, 537X3 =1611 & so on .  in the language of algebra  I X  x  = x, where x  is original & ordinary one or two digit number or any number more than two digit. So 1 is an extra ordinary number but not miraculous as it does not produce an interesting digital pattern like that of 9.

If any one of the ordinary  numbers 2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8 is  multiplied with other number, it does not produce any interesting digital pattern &  any one of the above numbers  does not have  any unique special characteristic.

The characteristic of digit Zero “0”.

If any number is multiplied by zero “0” , then original number is vanished or disappear.

For example 5 X 0  =  0, 17 X 0 = 0, 237 X 0 = 0 and so on. In the language of algebra x  X 0 = 0 where x may be any one digit or two digit or more than any two digit number. The original value of x is not possible to discover from the result according to above examples as it may be 5 , 17, 237 or any other number.

But if x X 1 = 5, or if  x X 1 = 17 or if x X 1 = 237 then the value of x is 5 or 17 or 237, means it is possible to discover the original unknown multiplying number in case of multiplying by 1. So 1 is an unique extra ordinary number & 0 is unique mysterious number as it is not possible to discover original multiplying number in case multiplying by zero.

19 is a two digit miraculous number which is a combination of 1 & 9 respectively & the behaviour of 1 & 9 is reflected simultaneously in 19.

Number 91 does not reflect the pattern of 19 or 9 after digital operation.

The unique miraculous number 19 also appears  in Human body, Astronomy & Holy Book .

There are 19 bones in Human hand (Fingers & palm together or  from finger tips to beginning of wrist is  as follows .In  4 fingers,  4 bones X 3 sections  = 12 bones ,in Palm 4 bones, & in thumb finger  3 bones, which results 12 Bones + 4 Bones + 3 Bones  = 19 Bones   )

In every 19 years or every  19 rotations of earth around Sun , the Earth & Moon occupy same  position which is known as ecliptic cycle that  is not related to Earth alone but to earth & Moon system  together &  is also  a miraculous coincidence.

After every 76  (19X4)  years Halley’s comet passes through a route very close to Earth.

More examples can be given about the presence of miraculous number 19 as an unique data  that is related to the description of human body, nature etc , which is beyond the scope of the present text.

All the chapters of Holy Quran has been started with Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim except Sura Towba no 9. Bismillahir Rahminir Rahim is composed of 19 letters & in total four words. These  four words are   Isom , ALLAH, Rahman, Rahim respectively. Isom has been  used 19 times, ALLAH 2698 times (19 X142, a multiple of 19), Rahman 57 times (19X3, a multiple of  19 ), Rahim 114 times (19 X 6, a multiple of 19 ). Total no of Suras  (Chapters) is 114 (19X6). Total Number of Verse in Holy Quran  is 6346 = 19 X 334 is also a multiple of 19.

The faith of believer in book will be increased by examining the presence of  hidden or invisible pattern of data related to 19 in whole Holy Quran & that has been discovered after the invention & development of computer in this century only . The above phenomena will be refused by non-believer & they will continue to deny the absolute truth , which has been mentioned in Sura Muddaththir, sura 74/30 -74/31) .

In fact 19 is a common denominator related to number of data about alphabets, words, verses etc, that appears in last Holy Book , which is strange & amazing .

Sura Bani Israel 17/88 Say, “If all men & Jin (demon) gathered together, to produce like of Quran, they cannot produce like of it, however much they help each other. “