HCI STORY FOR CNED, Yazan Nasreddin, Executive Director


HCI STORY FOR CNED,Yazan Nasreddin,  Executive Director

Stand Upright:


A gentle breeze blows over Dhaka. It is humid in the early hours of the day, as people make their way through the sprawling and crowded streets. Shamim Ahmed, sips his tea in the shade of the tiny cafeteria. Pensively taking in the bustling activity.


“There are many people in this world that take their daily activities for granted. They may not fully appreciate their families. They don’t properly cherish their everyday blessings.” He laments, “No one truly counts their blessings, until they are gone.”


He is a young man, dressed casually – giving off an air of confidence. He speaks softly, with a hint of reflection. Glancing now and then at his occasionally buzzing cell phone, he continues.


“This thought really pushes me to engage others to support programs for orphans. Help them get on their feet and stand upright.”


He explains that he knows the situation on a personal level. Shamim’s father passed away when he was very young, and his mother took up work wherever she could find to support her young family. He describes how she would work long hours helping to clean houses, so that he and his siblings would have something to eat.


“She is the most hard working person I know.” He exclaims haltingly, with a smile. “She would always encourage me and my siblings to focus solely on education, and let her take care of everything else. It taught us the importance of being able to stand upright”


Education was, he notes, his gateway to a world outside of the slums his family lived in. Through diligence in his school work, he was selected for a sponsorship program. Inspired by his mother, he excelled in school and proved to be an ideal candidate.


Human Concern International, through its contacts in Bangladesh, nominated Shamim to received support that would help him and his family. This helped in giving him and his family a means of procuring complimentary staple food items, school supplies and necessary medical services.


“It opened doors for me and my family to achieve our potential. HCI and Surovi, by the grace of God, lifted us out of our difficult life in the Bulbul district.” He happily recounts, “I am a certified specialist in industry training and I am continuing my studies in university.”


Shamim now takes care of his mother and his family by himself, having moved them out of the slums to a better location. He mentions that the decision to pursue higher studies was brought about by financial support from HCI and its partners.


He is an active donor for HCI activities – especially the child sponsorship program.


“I want to be able to give back to other unfortunate kids in the community. Help them with their education and inspire them to stand upright.”


Human Concern International is active in over 30 countries, and is present in providing programs for at-risk and vulnerable members of the community. To learn more about HCI’s role in Bangladesh and in other parts of the world check humanconcern.org