Volunteering, Chandra Arya – Member of Parliament, Nepean



Volunteering, Chandra Arya – Member of Parliament, Nepean

Volunteers across the country give countless hours of their time and energy to strengthen our communities. Every year, 13 million Canadians nationwide volunteer to help improve the well-being of others and make Canada an even greater place to live.

Whether Canadians volunteer out of a desire to contribute to their communities, to use their skills and experience, or because they have personally been affected by a cause, their impact is profound. Recognizing the efforts of those who give back to their communities is important and can inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

“Each of us has something unique and important to offer. It doesn’t matter how you get involved. Just do it. By helping our fellow Canadians; by participating in our civic life; by working to build prosperity in our communities – this is how we build a smarter, more caring and resilient society.” — Immediate past Governor General David Johnston

We embrace this year’s volunteer theme: Celebrate the value of volunteering – building confidence, competence, connections, and community. As we meet new people and learn new skills, we are reminded of the most important reason we volunteer, for the betterment of others and our communities.

For newcomers to Canada, volunteering can provide an opportunity to network, make new friends and connect with communities. Volunteering can also be a stepping stone in the job market, and leave you with valuable new skills and experience to assist you into the future.

“When we give back, we raise each other up. On behalf of the Government of Canada, I thank all volunteers, whose service and selflessness move this country forward and bring us all closer together.”  — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Chandra Arya – Member of Parliament, Nepean

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