2018 May 27, Sunday 7.30pm, Please join 7th CBET Open Family Iftar Gathering at SNMC: Keynote Speaker Dr Reda Bedair, new Imam Ottawa Masjid: Entrance Free, but for needy help expect $10 Donation per person


Dear Brothers, Sisters, Kids, As-salamu Alykum.

Ramadan Karim. We know Ramadan is for Ibadah to come closer to Allah (SWT). Also Ramadan is the month of generosity and feeding the neighbours, friends and relatives.

promo video clip for CBET Iftar -2018.


Please plan to join 7th  CBET Annual Family Open Iftar and Dinner  at SNMC Community Hall  3020 Woodroffe Ave in Barrhaven, Sunday 7.30 pm- 10pm  May 27 , 2018

Entrance Fee and Donation: No Entrance Fee but for Needy  & Orphans scholarship Program, we expect at least $10 donation per person

Time: Please come at 7.30pm at snmc 3020 Woodroffe Ave. 

Guest Speaker :Listen to encouraging inspiration talk  by Dr Reda Bedair, new Imam Ottawa Masjid  and Islamic Nasid: by our Daughters and sisters

Break the fast with date and water only. Food will be delivered in a box with napkin, spoon or fork.

Guests please pre-reregister by calling Zaman Bhai 613-981-3057 or Abu Bhai- 613-322-2909 or send email to info@cbet.ca)  by Tuesday May 22, 2018.

The event is open to any Canadian Muslims. There will be only 400 guests (pre-registration) on first come first basis.

CBET requests all of us to be generous in the month of Ramadan

Sponsoring on e scholarship of $200 from zakat Sadaqa is highly encouraged

Seating arrangements are on women entrance side for sisters and far end side for brothers. At the middle will be green turf for eating as family or groups. We expect after eating every one to put garbage in bins.

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