Cause of angular displacement of orbit of Jupiter

In the above diagram related to orbit of Jupiter (318 X Earth mass), the orbit has got angular displacement from west to east or anticlockwise direction , which happens due to the presence of strong gravitational  forces originated from other three giant  massive gaseous  planets (Saturn 95X Earth Mass), Uranus( 14.4X Earth Mass) & Neptune 17.2 X Earth Mass) .After completing one rotation of Jupiter in its orbit ,  other three giant planets  cannot complete one rotation in their orbit  as they are located at different distances from Sun, which causes a different resultant gravitational force  on the massive giant planet Jupiter. So the planet Jupiter starts a new orbit with a shifting of 16⁰ angular displacement towards east in every rotation.  Planets from Sun are located as follows.  First planet from Sun is Mercury, 2nd is Venus, 3rd is Earth, 4th is Mars, 5th is Jupiter, 6th is Saturn, 7th is Uranus & 8th is Neptune. Pluto is not considered as a planet at present by the astronomical scientists. First four planets from Sun are solid planets & rest of other four planets are gaseous planets.  Mercury, Venus & Mars are smaller than Earth. Jupiter has got 67 Moons. Ganymede is one of the Moon of Jupiter which is the largest Moon of this Solar System & its diameter is 5262 Km. Saturn has got 62 Moons. Titan is one of the 62 Moons of Saturn, which is the largest Moon of Saturn having diameter 5150 Km. Moon of Earth has diameter 3474.8 km.

Cause of elliptic orbit instead of circular

The above two equations are the equations of ellipse, where equation number 1 describes  the locus of planet & number 2 describes  the shape  related to curvature of orbit. In equation no 2 when a = b then the orbit will be circular & eccentricity is zero or close to zero, which happens in case of orbit of Earth (eccentricity of earth’s orbit is 0.017 ). But in case of Jupiter the length of semi minor axis “b” is very small & length of semi major axis  “a” is very high, which results “b/a” ratio lower than “b/a” ratio of earth. So eccentricity of orbit of Jupiter   approaches to higher value which results more  elliptic in nature   according to equation no 2 . In case of Jupiter its eccentricity is 0.049 which causes  more elliptic in nature instead of circular according to equation no 2.

Long major axis & short minor axis causes from small angle of ejection from Mother Star

The Jupiter planet formed from solar gas ejected from its Mother Star ,which  was thrown at a very small angle” ø” with its orbital plane (depends on boundary conditions of supernova that  occurred  in mother Star at that time )   means the horizontal component of velocity u was very high due to very small value of angle “ ø” & a suitable  value of initial velocity “u” that  results very long length of major axis “a” of the elliptic orbit of the ejected giant planet.. And for the same reason of small value of  angle “ø” , the vertical component of velocity u  had very small value , which caused a very short minor axis “b” & finally  it creates an elliptic orbit with higher  eccentricity than the eccentricity of circular orbit of earth. Throughout the movement of planet in its elliptic orbit , the horizontal component of velocity “u  remains  constant means when “u” increases then ”  decreases & vice versa. But” u  “  is variable or “u” &” both  changes simultaneously  from zero value to maximum value then it again reaches to zero value (At the both ends of major axis “a”) & again reaches to maximum value (At both ends of minor axis “b”)  , which means the value  is under uniform  periodic oscillation.

Four Massive Giant planets protect the inhabitants of Earth

Any   Celestial object/Heavenly Body  approaching to this Solar System   with very  high momentum from outer space  is attracted (due to their enormous Mass)  by any one of the four Gaseous  Giant planets before striking Earth which prevents formation of dust, smoke & opposes  the creation of another broken piece which may  restrike Earth. This type of safety appears as the object which is intercepted is a Gaseous Celestial Object instead of solid one.

The above situation may be connected to the following verse of Holy Quran.

Sura Anbia 21/32 We have made the sky (Arabic -Shama-a) as well as secured/protected(Arabic-Mahfujan)  canopy (Arabic- Shakfan), yet still they turn away from Our Signs (Arabic –Aeatiha).



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