FAIRNESS:Dr.M. Shahid Siddiqi


FAIRNESS:Dr.M. Shahid Siddiqi

Nations prosper, and society becomes a heaven

of peace when fairness is established. On the other hand when injustice and fairness prevail, then society becomes afflicted with chaos and destruction. For this reason, the creator of the

Universe, in order to preserve HIS system, has instructed human beings to always establish fairness, Allah (swt) says”Indeed, Allah orders you to be just and kind, help your close relatives, and forbids indecency, and warns you against sinful things, so that you may gain wisdom”AL-Quran”.

Muslims have been ordered to establish equality,

Justice and fairness. It is thus demonstrated that there is no command more important to allah(swt) than the establishment of justice for all and there is no sin greater than injustice.

Presently, at an international level, there are organizations for establishing justice, but they do nothing to achieve their goal. The flames of

chaos and violence that have engulfed our world are the result of depriving the poor and the weak, their rights and treating them unjustly.

Justice and fairness are like a tower of light in this world, in which the people of this world will find contentment, peace, and guidance. Injustice

is the crime that gives birth to the darkness of chaos and violence.

Dr.M. Shahid Siddiqi

Retired tax consultant m Author of several tax letters & bulletin

on Canadian & US taxes. Author of several books on Canadian & US taxes.

Author of several books on finance, budgeting & Marketing.

Author of book series “our life in the light of Islam”.

Recipient of GAURAV  award from India.

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