Life, a Roller Coaster Ride? by: Farook Aman, Ottawa, Canada


Life, a Roller Coaster Ride? by: Farook Aman, Ottawa, Canada

It is a BIG question. How do we define or describe Life?

Is life a happy event, a sad one or something in between? No matter how we may attempt to describe life, it is always a mystery to guess the various paths a human being may strive to walk on.

Obviously, the worldly energetic life starts when a baby is born; weak and totally dependable on others, mainly parents. Some babies may have the privilege to have parents. But what about those who may not have living parents to take care of them? While the former may have a privileged and presumably loving and healthier upbringing, the latter may be on a path of hop, skip and jump struggles.

Psychologists designate those who encounter difficulties and deep-scar hardship at an early age are more likely to have indeterminate future laden with hurdles, callous and heartless jagged and sharp edges, including wrongdoings and or various forms of challenges; physical and mental.

On the other hand, those who attain success virtuous level of education are believed to be more likely to have moderately decent paying jobs, enhanced life style and a sparkling prospect. The sky is the limit to a prosperous life with a spouse and family to care for. Nevertheless, there again, the challenge would always be close. While a sympathetic and attentive spouse could lead to a comfortable route, a tenacious and argumentative spouse could mass-produce obstacles and countless detrimental events.

The result is life could either be happy or despondent regardless of prosperity or high social status. The happy life would presumably bolster potential effective productivity at work and or in society, thereby reaching for higher objectives and greater responsibilities. The dejected life is more likely to lead to destructive progress invariably associated with poor level of productivity and accomplishment which could in turn threaten the family livelihood.

There are also the likelihoods of painful events in losing a loved one or a noble, worthy and trusted friend. Another severe possibility is when a spouse decides to walk out of marriage for a more exciting partnership, thereby splitting the family into more than a cluster and feasibly resulting in the sale, under pressure, of a beautiful residence packed with family memories, perhaps at the lowest possible price. Also, there are the risks of horrible war, devastating fire, fatal car accident, etc, lined up as probable plights to deal with in life.

Therefore, while the rewards to a blissful life might produce progress and triumph, the miserable one might face numerous veiled challenges of potential clinical depression along with all the evils associated with it, including- topping the list, hurricane thoughts of suicidal tendencies etc.

As certain as day and night, hunchback old age, poor eye sight, grey hair are certain to creep on and bang hard on the door of life. Easy daily performance could become harder to maintain let alone fetch advancement and achievement. Add insult to injury, fresh and new blood at work may come with a package of fresh and efficacious ideas raising the boss’s eye brows level of attention and appreciation to potential upsurge in revenues. Experience and wisdom may or may not have valued points any longer.

In addition, older age often comes with its hand-in-glove package of medical issues, causing regular absence from work place and difficulty in keeping up with the daily pace of the growing family members. In addition, numerous physical and financial obligations, medical bills could be colossal burden to fulfill which might prompt significant decisions-making such as either to pay the bills or abandon the happy look-forward-to annual family vacation(s). The inevitable family battle brews over the thought of vacationing at home. Neither the spouse nor the children would understand or have any sense of appreciation to the excruciating facts in life!

The annual medical checkup comes up with more issues. Further laboratory tests are indispensable to examine one serious issue or another. Then the ground falls from underneath when the family doctor empathically recommends the expert direction of a medical Specialist who endorses a surgical intervention as vital. It is a point, where crossing the figures and endless prayers become a sombre fact of life. The only thing to cling on to is Hope.

Obviously at a younger age, man feels strong and capable of taking on the world. No doubt, man was totally oblivious of the adverse effect of hard work, persistent stress, workaholic life style to promote success and happier life for the family. The result is less sleep and a vicious continual pressurized life style. A constant hard work inevitably takes its toll on the mind and the body. This may result in a weakened and a slower pumping heart, high blood pressure, diabetic condition, etc. The Roller Coaster Ride is evidently nearing its end. Joyful memories may or may not be cherished or appreciated by family members. Each member carves a path to walk on and the life cycle of struggles begin all over again!

Those who have faith in god will look forward and submit to the eternal hereafter life. Those who do not believe in god will not care or bother. In any case, the end result for both categories is more likely to be inside a deep and dark hole called a grave. Man has become a thing of the past fixed on the memory of those who loved and respected him / her.

To conclude, no matter how we may slice it, life is a struggle as we visit the surface of this earth and then depart for ever. They say, the reasons are many but death is one as the Roller Coaster Ride comes to a shrieking halt. Termination without taking anything from this world, except perhaps leaving a good name to be remembered!


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